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  1. a retard comes out with the comments u make.

    truth hurts.

    f- off

    No, actually (not that it's any of your fucking business AT ALL), I can easily afford a ticket, I just happen to VALUE money and don't feel that this concert will be WORTH the money spent. You didn't need to turn my comments about Madonna into a personal attack, you worthless shitsmear.

    Leave me alone. :nasty:

  2. its a just a setlist

    atleast shes going on tour

    I'm sorry but just going on tour isn't enough. If you're going to charge people $350+ to see you, it better be a damn good show, and it better be accessible to the variety of people that are coming. That means hits. Songs that everyone knows. She's not putting on a show for herself. She's putting on a show for the 1 million people who just paid her $100 million to do it.

  3. Same fucking crying every tour. Has there been a bad one yet? No. When I go see S&S it will be a sell-out crowd singing to every song (yes everyone will know Impressive Instant, duh) and loving every minate of it, like it always is. Message board people whining and crying who were never going to begin with= same tired shit, different tour.

    :rolleyes: Confessions Tour sucked.

    And I couldn't wait to go until I found out about that shitsmear of a setlist.

  4. One of them is a song from Erotica, another is from American Life and a third is a HC track that's in the setlist already.

    And Bill, I'm sorry but I haven't seen the DWT live and "Impressive Instant" is one of my favourites so I'm very excited coz she put it on the setlist again. :shy:

    how do we know about the songs on the videos?

    and as far as II, well I'm glad someone is excited then.

  5. Just to put things into perspective, here is what we get, without Hard Candy:

    Human Nature


    Into The Groove



    La Isla Bonita

    You Must Love Me

    Impressive Instant

    Ray Of Light

    Hung Up

    ALL of these songs, with the exception of Borderline and You Must Hate Me, have been peformed on her last 3 tours. None of them had particularly memorable performances the first (or second) times around. So what's the damn point of doing them again? Nobody wants to hear this shit.

    Well, okay, I'll give it up for Vogue and Borderline. Never heard Borderline live and I never really get sick of seeing Vogue. But other that than, :vomit:

  6. Indeed, now we get the same songs over and over again.

    EXACTLY. The song I'm most turned off by is "Impressive Instant". It boggles my mind why that is in the setlist. Absolutely no need for it... How did it even make its way in there?? Completely fucking stupid.

  7. I meant that the casual fans would be glad to hear Music/LIB/ROL/HU, those are the tracks that are bashed by fans the most. And yes, Madonna probably knows most of them haven't heard HC yet, but isn't it her goal to make people hear her new music?

    They don't want to hear new music.

  8. You know the tour was already in the works when HC was released. Did you really expect Madonna to change the theme and title of the tour just because HC is not selling as much as COADF?

    of course not. and I fully expected to see a lot of songs from Hard Candy being performed. that was a no-brainer. I'm just saying what I, personally, would like to hear. And I don't think it's just me, a lot of fans are disappointed with this list. And if you think that all those "casual" fans are going to be happy with this list, you're crazy. Most of them haven't even heard the Hard Candy album....judging, again, by sales :chuckle:

  9. Is Madonna out of touch because she doesn't read forums to find out which are the most demanded tracks by her hardcore fans? :confused:

    I think we all know that the tracks everyone keeps complaining about will be the highlights for many casual fans and every review will praise them. Outside us, big fans, I can't imagine anyone saying "oh this show was bad because she already did ROL & LIB on CT and Live Earth".

    I'm sure she's gonna impress many with her live renditions of HC tracks and it's WAY too early to say she just "throws together" a show.

    I don't think she'd have to read forums to know what her fans like. :rolleyes: I'm sure she can tell by the sales of Hard Candy that it isn't exactly a favorite :chuckle:.

  10. as expected a PREDICATABLE BORING SHIT SET LIST,,,,,she's thinks she goes 'anti-establishment" by playing these shitty ass songs compared to her classics,if it were not for those songs she nor us wouldn't be here right now,luckily i didnt spend one god damn penny on yet another PREDICTABLE Madonna show,its sad to so her shows become repetitive over the years....no "magic" and no "fun" !!! BORING AND PREDICTABLE,her shows are only for herself ..and no one ELSE BUT!

    You are absolutely right. They are only for herself. We pay hundreds of dollars per ticket so Madonna can fulfill her OWN creative needs (or greed, whichever you prefer) instead of attempting to entertain the crowd. Or maybe she's just THAT out of touch. I think she does the same songs over and over so that she doesn't have to put too much work into learning something new. She just has the musicians rework the song a little. No work on her part. She just throws together a show full of songs nobody wants to hear and makes $100 million by overcharging her fans who are the whole reason she's still even touring 25 years into her career, the last half of which has been solely supported by her fans, not by the general public. She used to give the best live show EVER. Not anymore... boring boring boring.

    Sorry, I'm just a little irritated this morning... I know I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this post.



    more like....

    Ditch Candy Shop, Human Nature, Music, Devil, Spanish Lesson, Miles Away, La Isla Bonita, You Must Love Me, Impressive Instant, Ray of Light, and Hung up


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