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  1. I’ve said before but I honestly believe a surprise release would be disastrous for her in terms of sales.  This isn’t the True Blue era where the GP would buy a record of her farting into the microphone for an hour.  Promo is the best bet, and a couple songs to showcase the album, but not 6(!!!!) like RH.  I don’t know why we are still obsessed with charts and sales anyway.  She isn’t.

  2. 1 minute ago, dcbyebyebaby said:

    Its not coming this weekend. No way with Ariana and Janet releasing. MAYBE a hint of some kind or an announcement but not the actual music.

    Also this countdown shouldnt be surprising to any fan that has followed Madonna in the "Instagram" era.  She has acted a lot more open and care free the past 5 years on Instagram. 

    My feelings exactly.  Of course she's excited.  And Guy posted this...



  3. 8 hours ago, Miphiwart said:

    I just had an orgasm thinking about a visual album release on Netflix being half documentary about the making of the album and music videos inbetween. 


    3 hours ago, Miphiwart said:

    You just fucked me 


    5 hours ago, Mensch said:

    I just had an orgasm reading this! Imagine it would air one episode a week for like 12-15 weeks and lead up to the beginning of tour rehearsals 


    This just made me cum so hard.

  4. Not getting myself excited, but I love the sound of it and even the name of the song.  Actually hoping it's true! But not *expecting* it.

    Plus, if it is real, the person posting says it's all he's "allowed" to share, meaning it's an authorized "leak".  

  5. I would actually rather see her sample another song like she did with Hung Up than collab with any of these artists.  The right sample could resonate with the public, I suppose.  People like that combination of familiarity mixed with something new.  

  6. 14 minutes ago, YannBouch said:

    A really good dance song with M only can chart again IMO a classic rhythm like Celebration, Give it 2 me etc don't need to look that far 

    I’m all for Madonna having another hit but those 2 songs didn’t do well 10 years ago. Now, there’s even less of a chance.  But I hope I’m wrong.

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