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  1. Just now, Katypatra said:

    Yes! The video AND the song definitely have a lot of symbolism.

    And I LOVE Madonna in this video!! 

    She’s very humble, very sweet, embracing the beat of the drums and the presence of the Batukadeiras. I love her smiling, like she’s really enjoying it, and at the same time when she’s closing her eyes and holding her hands up in  despair, to me it shows how aware she is about all the injustice and that she’s really passionate about bringing light into this world of oppression and ignorance. 


  2. 55 minutes ago, Carey said:

    Given what she's producing almost 40 years in, the work and dedication and what we've been given as a fanbase, and this is the calibre of post from some people on here. I get that Eurovision was poor, I get that sometimes her team sucks, I get that there are times when she is too stubborn for her own good, but when she puts on a good performance, one that has no obvious problems or things to complain about, we reduce the conversation to critiques on her body?

    Some of you really don't deserve her, I said what I said. 

    It's cringeworthy and painful to log in here somedays and see some of the "advice" directed her way, god forbid she ever read any of it. With fans like some, she doesn't need haters. 

    Are you sure they are fans? When I read posts like these, I think they're simply obsessed with her and are waiting for her fall in some way. 😉

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