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  1. Top three songs: Living for love, Hold Tight, Wash all over me

    Song that grew on you: Grafitti Heart

    Song that faded for you: Messiah

    Best Lyrics: Borrowed Time

    Best Vocal: HeartBreakCity

    Best Melody: Living for love

    Best Chorus: Rebel Heart

    Most Fun To Play Loud: Hold Tight

    Most Overrated Song: Inside Out

    Most Underrated Song: Living for love

    MVP Track: Ghosttown

  2. ReInvention tour, Paris show(s).

    I adore AL. I love her voice during this tour. The montage itself, from The beast within to Crazy for you is heaven. She was at one of her most beautiful mlments ever. Her big fat Italian legs turned me on (they kinda disappeared afterwards). Up until this tur I usually ignored and/or saw her 80s output as of lesser quality than the 90/00 stuff (the live renditions showed me the errors of my ways).

    And Paris because, IDK, I like Paris. Or maybe the Slane Castle show. But didn't it rain during this presentation? So no rain, thanks. Paris instead.

  3. Rebel Heart is one of the best eras ever.

    SO many songs on the album. SO many unreleased demos leaked it's mind boggling. More promo than we've ever had. And a fabulous tour. Maybe not the best album or tour as a whole but overall it's the quintessential Madonna era imo.

    I agree that the era has been amazing. But when asessing the album against past projects, I found out I ended cutting my played tracks to about 12-13, whereas with other albums (the ones above RH in my list), I usally skip 1-2 tracks at most.

    Nonetheless, RH is a wonderful return to form, and it contains some awesome gems that are already in my top20 Madonna tracks ever.

  4. What is wrong with HC? In a nutshell: the ego battle. Justina and Timbo trying to shine above it all. Imagine a HC with Pharrell and Prince collaborations? That would have been epic. But no, the other two idiots had to come in and ruin it. But I sense that M sorta learned the lesson, as Avicci wanted the same for RH (i.e. a Madonna album with Madonna featuring in it) but she moved on and decided to add other collaborators.

  5. First, I would have preferred a shorter record. Here are my choices for final tracks:

    1. Ghosttown

    2. Heartbreak city

    3. Hold tight

    4. Living for love

    5. Wash all over me

    6. Devil pray

    7. Holy water

    8. Iconic

    9. Body shop

    10. Queen

    11. Graffiti heart

    12. Borrowed time

    Then, as the tour starts, release a companion cd with these songs:

    1. Rebel Heart

    2. Unapologetic Bitch

    3. Bitch I'm Madonna

    4. Joan of arc

    5. Messiah

    6. Inside out

    7. Best night

    8. Addicted

    9. Veni vedi vici

  6. ^ I think the 2010s albums have been a mixed bag of many things combined, both revisited and new. Both MDNA and Rebel Heart are like Madonna-in-a-box, kind of. They pack a lot of what she represents (musically and aesthetically) but do bring a few interesting sounds that are different from her back catalogue.

    It would be nice if for the next musical project she does an album with a complete new sound and some imagery that moves on from the last two albums, which seem to be (to me at least) more celebratory of her career.

  7. I am all for a rebel on the level of Erotica and American Life. I appreciate BIM, Candy Shop and GGW (well, the latter not so much), but I really do not see how can she keep exploring her renewed youth-oriented, club-goer persona anymore. Probably BIM's statement it's like the highest it can go: this is me this decade and deal with it. What else?

  8. Great thread!


    Paradise (not for me)

    Isaac - "Remember and never forget, all of your life has all been a test". Somepowerful sage advice here, and so real in tough times!

    Hold Tight - Same as Isaac, but on a more positive note. As long as I have my allies (family, friends), the sun always comes up the next day.

    Drowned World/Substitue for love -- I am not famous, but I have put my personal life on hold many times just to get ahead and acheve more career-wise. So I can relate to this song.

    Easy ride

    Nobody knows me - Sometimes you need to shut down and reboot. Many times. This has been my survival strategy of preference: to shut down against 'social disease'.

    Has to be

    Cyberraga - I practice ashtanga. Have done in for several years now. So yoga, and this chant, are an important part of my life.

    Living for love - Arent't we all?

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