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  1. Anyone who in the US doesn't think her age plays a huge part in decreased airplay for the last 15 years or so is an idiot. Sorry.

    I think it's more complicated than that. Some people have pointed it out already,. It's age and the music delivered. There's an image and a message not connecting with the audiences. IMO it all feels like she's lost track because she hasn't been able to find the sort of art/balance she had mastered before. Both AL and COAD got knocked her out of her senses: she went too far away from mainstream (AL) and got scared, but then she went all out on the dancefloor (COAD) and it kinda worked, and thought that maybe that was the formula (HC, MDNA), but it has backfired. I trust her, though, she'll get that marvelous and critically acclaimed last album before she retires, I can feel it! :)

    And about GGW... eew... I'd like to pretend that song never happened.

  2. I'm sure today's Madonna would definitely choose Don't Stop as a single if BS was just released :angry:

    Secret is so lush and full of contrasting vibes! How come she's never worked with this director ever again? And also, who is Melodie McDaniel, what else has she/he done? Anyone knows?

  3. I think she should try and do two concepts at the same time: do half of the tour dates in stadiums/arenas with big production just the way she does now, and then the other half of the tour dates do more stripped down versions in smaller venues (like her promo tours of recent albums).

    As for the concept of the tours, I like the 4-segments arrangement, but she should definitely get more creative with them because I think some segments (like the first one in SST, masculine/feminine in MDNAT, and other segments in RIT) are not very cohesive or defined, and a bit uninspired. This would't obviously be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that other segments are superb, and one can see how the concept was well thought out and carefully planned (Like all (except SST) her opening segments in recent tours, for instance).

  4. I like it. It's trendy. Would you prefer lady of the manor floral dresses?

    LOL :lmao: I actually would. Nothing as un-Madonna as those dresses.

    I think the grills are awful, at any age, whoever wears them. She's having fun, I get it, ha-ha... But reality is they aren't a pretty jewelry piece.

  5. I dunno if I posted on this one already or not... so whatever, here it goes, no particular order:

    - Secret Garden

    - Isaac

    - Has to be

    - Intervention

    - Cyberraga

    - Skin

    - Til death do us part

    - Something to remember

    - Xstatic process

    - Mer girl

    - Waiting

    - Easy ride

    - Gone

    - Future Lovers

    - I deserve it

    I wanted to add Nobody knows me... was it technically a single?

  6. I don't really know what's up with US radio and Madonna. I remember back when AL was just released, aside from the first single not getting enough play, a lot of the other album tracks were getting their fair share of plays on several pop stations (Love Profusion and Hollywood come to mind as the two with most spins). So there was an interest in the project. Then, all of a sudden, it all died. And when Hung Up came, and the world adored it, US just dismissed it. Same goes for Sorry, and Give it 2 me charted in the BB just because of the remix sales at the first week of sales of the album.

    I sincerely think it has more to do with radio Djs and executives thinking Madonna has run it's course, and other acts deserve a shot at the spotlight, than with ageist/sexist policies. The music is there, is consistent, it's good (sans GMAYL and GGW)... but sadly a pop song that's not a hit feels somewhat empty, I dunno...

    Instead of promoting the shit out of her singles at radio and tv (i.e. beating a dead horse), she should keep on with internet outlets, just like she's doing now on instagram, and try make hit songs this way, and through the tour performances. She's good at making fans adore songs because of the way she presented it at concerts (examples of this: Future Lovers at Confessions, the Nobody Knows Me video at MDNA...), and making them memorable in the process. She can capitalize that maybe by releasing a video of the performance in youtube/instagram/face/all while the tour is going on. Imagine if she had released the Love Spent performance just the day after she performed it for the 1st time? or Beautiful Killer after L'Olympia? I think this little things do make a difference, and could give her that elusive hit if a song catches on.

  7. Yay, I'm in the credits :laugh:

    The top 3 will always be what it is, in all M countdowns on any site. But I'm glad to see some 00s tracks ranking high (Music and Get together). Also, happy to see Frozen as a song continually in the top 10 of any M countdown among fans.

    Happy with the top 40 results, :)

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