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  1. The vocals were good and I actually think she sounded GREAT singing the last bit of Same Love. I enjoyed the country-inspired sound of OYH too. (Dolly collaboration in the future? :)) The whole wedding thing was a bit cheesy though. I seem to be the only one who thought she looked awesome too, cane and all. Also I thought it was clever they juxtaposed the bible belt/country theme with a song about marriage equality.

    Yeah, but she also looked like the plantation boss there with the white outfit, so it reminded me of last week's N-word controversy a bit.

    Anyways, her voice was ace, she looked good. And I love this new look. She should keep the style for the next album.

  2. I think AL suffered because America wasn't ready to see the Material Girl bury her old persona the way she did with that album. The beats are a bit jarring, the sounds are disjointed, flowing from electro to folk. As amazing as the album is for me, I can see how people might no be completely into it instantly. Pop music's all about instant gratification, something AL's not. Same goes for Erotica, IMO.

    A big flop can also be Hard Candy, as bluejean said, since that album was obviously conceived to ignite American audiences interest, and it didn't. So it all is very subjective, I think.

  3. I would care if I keep hearing singles being serviced with the specific purpose of catering to mass radio, i.e. 4 Minutes, Gimme All Your Luvin', Turn Up the Radio.

    If she decided to release other types of songs, chart positions wouldn't bother me. But since it seems one of her targets/goals with recent music projects is to score top 10 hits, then it does.

    Hopefully, with the next music project she will say a big FU to chart success. But it has to be reflected in the music she puts out there to promote the albums.

  4. I'm really digging the ROL mix! Very trippy :)

    The GB mix eh... not so much. It's OK, but I'd rather listen to the original honestly.

    As for the FF mix... oh heavens! That opening is something else. I always felt FF was a rough cut, unfinished and just added there at the end of the MDNA cd. This one's a bit more polished. I really like it.

  5. 80s Into the groove (it was this or Everybody, but I prefer ITG).

    90s Secret (it's kind of hybrid between a ballad and a mid tempo, and also has the kinkiness of her sexual days, but a sense of rebirth/new life of what was to come with ROL... So IMO it defines the decade well).

    00s Die Another Day (the violence in the video, the message of the song... I think it defines M of the 00s well).

    10s ... Do I really have to pick a MDNA song? I'm gonna go with I'm a sinner, but I think a defining song for the decade is yet to happen.

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