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  1. My biggest issue with HC is her voice (in most of the songs). Pharrell did a great job and Timbo did Ok mostly: the beats/music is great. Madonna's vocals on the other hand, ugh! It's like she was trying to sing in her LAV era voice again, mixed with those crow-ish sounds she does live sometimes.

  2. I think she should release the first single with just a bit of fanfare and promotion. The 1st Madonna single is always an event, so I think promotion should be spread over between single 1 and 2, to give another song the chance to do well. Also, I think that for single #3 (or #4!!) she should just let fans decide: see which performance catches concert goers attention/eyes more, which one they prefer, and go with it as a single and film a live video of it... my two cents of today :)

  3. Maybe I'm nuts, but I remember reading Madonna had already worked on some tracks that later on became part of American Life. I specifically remember Nobody Knows Me mentioned. Imagine!? IMHO It would have been nice to listen to NKM as a stand alone single off a GH.

  4. No rent-a-rapper and hip hop-ers please! Are they even popular anymore? None of these guys you mention (Drake, the Ocean guy) get any airplay or video rotation where I live, so I assume it's a very US kinda music thing. The possibilities are endless of course, but I would like her to go the Love Spent/Like a virgin route or look for a sound similar to I'm Addicted & Nohody knows means

  5. The first time I listened to AL Nothing Fails was THE song, you know. That one track that really got through my system. But with the years, Intervention has lingered on with me. I've grown and the song still is pretty much a part of my playlists, still now. So I'd choose Intervention.

    There's a certain warmth to Intervention, maybe it's the mother's love/protection theme of the lyrics, plus M's vocals. I love that song.

  6. Maybe it kind of feels as if she wasn't so popular because local acts are very much loved as well. Here in Mexico, for example, when you go to parties you mostly listen to music in Spanish, Madonna is more for the clubs. Even so, songs like Hung up and Music, and Give it 2 me believe it or not, did catch up in people's tastes and you could hear them a lot, even at teenagers parties.

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