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  1. I'm with you on that. American Life is really one of her best. I don't care what anyone says.

    There's something really REALLY amazing about Like A Prayer/Immaculate Collection/Erotica and Ray of Light/Music/American Life that personify two totally separate Madonna's constantly evolving and shifting into something new.

    OMG yes!! And Bedtime Stories/STR bridge both so marvelously... I always thought Confessions was going to be such a bridge, but what came afterwards, while OK, it wasn't awesome.

  2. Too many cooks in the kitchen and too much time being spent making this album. Not a good sign. What's taking so long? The record company probably wasn't happy with the dud tracks they heard so far and she's trying to come up with something decent now.

    Don't be a party pooper! I like that there's a unifying common thread with all the producers. She is definitely after some clubby and grittier electro beats combined with some urban edge. HC meets I'm Addicted, perhaps?

  3. Somrthing happened the moment she decided to pull of the AL video. I remember several tracks from the album were getting airplay in the US radio, particularly I recall both Hollywood and Love Profusion getting some notice. Suddenly the project sort of died. Something similar happen to MDNA after the superbowl, but I think it had to do most of all with how GGW was percieved. Also, by then people just made up their minds about the album, andthe consensus didn't seemed to be positive at all (outside M fandom, of course).

    The strategy this time should be releasing 2 singles before the album, IMO.

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