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  1. 1 hour ago, the-queen said:

    Once a song clicks with me that connection is unshakeable. I’ve made that connection with a good number of MX songs, probably the strongest with this one to be honest. Especially with how I’m feeling in my own life right now.

    I feel the same way too. Come Alive has become my current mantra tbh. Wish we get a video of it, or at least I hope she performs it on tour.

  2. She's not gonna dance her ass off anymore peeps. If you saw the MDNA tour then good for you, because that was the last time. And no, it is not ageism, it's just biology. Her pride show was great from the clips I've seen, M is more than elaborate choreographies. Love that she's bringing AL to get some audience love, the message still holds strong! Can't wait for the coming weeks of tidbits and rumors leading up to the MX tour! 

  3. This is the most amazing, fucking incredible song on the album. It's just a different thing for M, it sort of reminds me of the firdt time I heard Impressive Instant or Future Lovers. Just out of this world. Together with Future and Extreme Occident, Come Alive just makes me so happy to still be a fan and enjoy her music. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Nikki said:

    but the experimentation and exploration is being very well received.

    I think M got the world used to her experimentations ever since Erotica. Suddenly, in between COAD and HC she switched gears, and appeared to be chasing a True Blue kind of album again: chart-ready behemots and fillers. Sadly the chart toppers never appeared. MX is a very different album to HC, MDNA and RH. She owns the genres she borrows from, which is to me one of her most valuable skills. 

  5. Okay... I am letting all sink in. I was out of the city, had a busy past 3 or 4 days, and had to unwind before getting my head into M's new work. So I finally got to listen to MX. Or, more like I am just going through it. First impressions:

    The run from Future to Extreme Occident (maybe include Faz Gostoso here too) is  where MX's heart is. It's full of intricate sounds, with an amazing mix of rhythms. Percussions are MX's structure, it's all about that beat, it just drags the listener throughout a journey. No, MX is by no means coherent in the ROL or AL or COAD sense, this is different. She's experimenting with many things here, and there's no polishing. The voice distortion thing is not annoying, it's done right I think.

    This her most dance (or rhythmic is perhaps a better word choice?) record in a while. No, there's no damn disco stomper or any typical Euro or Anglo club hit (and I am extremely grateful for that, to be honest). This is dark, sweaty, underground latin club, sensual dancing. There's a sense of abandonment in some tracks, of letting go and mesh into the rhythm (I don't search I find, for example, or Come Alive). It is also amazing how this same sense of losing sense into the music connects with messages of change and hope (Batuka).

    The gist of MX, as I see/listen it, is of loss and finding, of holding on to sanity despite feeling hopeless. Extreme Occident, Come Alive, and I don't search I find (together with Future) are the standouts for me. But also loving Batuka, Crazy, Killers..., and also Medellin and Crave. Dark Ballet feels more like a mood piece, a statement and not a song. Not into I Rise and God Control.

    I feel like MX will be one of my favorite albums of hers. It's amazing that, after all this years, I can still be pleasantly surprised by her musical output. She has an amazing album in her hands. I hope she releases at least two more singles/videos out of MX, the album deserves exposure. 

  6. 45 minutes ago, Shaun said:

    I haven’t listened to Medellín, I Rise, Crave, Future, or Dark Ballet since last week...so even those will sound fresher in the context of the full album!

    I was planning to do the same but I put one of my spotify playlists in shuffle today and Future and Crave came up. I genuinely love Medellin a d tjese other two. Cannot wait for the rest gems Madame X has to offer!

  7. 4 minutes ago, nicholasyund said:

    I thought the exact same thing when I heard it, my immediate reaction was WOW this is her listening to Manu Chao over and over again to soak it up. If this is one of the appetizers before the main course we are in for a feast

    We really are in for a feast! This album is getting better and betterwith each listen.

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