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  1. I’m amazed The Guardian have published this? They’re usually publishing scathing article about her. Or just proclaiming that Beyonce is the first female to do anything. 

    Anyway, I agree with every single point! 

    ......does this mean maybe soon we’ll get an interview with M where she’s not asked about age, kids, fame, celebrity and relationships etc??! I wish people would ask her about the actual MUSIC, the creative process, writing, production, visuals, fashion etc.....is it too much to ask?

  2. 59 minutes ago, Andra said:

    So who exactly will she sit on the couch with? Danny Boyle and Sr Ian McKellen?

    Well the original line-up was Ian McKellen, Danny Boyle, Lily James, Hamesh Patel and music from Sheryl Crow.

    I’m pretty sure they’ll axe Hamesh Patel (of Eastenders fame 😬

    Shame she isn’t performing as it would be an absolutely perfect promo spot going out on release day. Who know maybe she’ll surprise us and open the show with a song, just can’t see her sharing a stage with Sheryl Crow? 

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