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  1. @ dollhouse - What?!

    I love her voice here! Just perfect. She sounds like herself. I love to hear more records performed in her natural (un-forced) vocal range as she has a beautiful voice. For me my main issues with MDNA come from her singing in higher pitch which she can't reach naturally now that her voice has aged.

  2. I don't think Madonna would have ever recorded it like that.

    But she did record it 'like that' with William Orbit and Laurie Mayer. It only changed when The Demolition Crew got their/his hands on it. He shouldn't have ever said anything to the fans - such a gaga producer thing to do.

    Anyway I love MDNA it's got 7 steller tracks - with 9 bonus tracks ;-)

  3. It's plain awful end of. That background, the font, the make-up. The original image with its boxing flyer background is much much better. It's a horrible messy rushed disaster. M should have kept it the way it was or scrapped it and incorporated her candy theme into a new photoshot. Even the Tom Munro ELLE shoot whluldve worked better.

  4. I don't think I'd naturally think of Madonna as being one of the greatest debut albums of all time. Jagged Little Pill, Bjork Debut and Tracey Chapman are the albums that spring to mind yet they're not even included?!?

    I know it's boring but c'mon The Fame?!?! Really?!! I don't hate Lady Gaga but that album utter garbage it got some fun singles but it no album of all time.

    I remember seeing another RS list with Born This Way (Deluxe Edition) being included as one of the most iconic album covers of all time.

  5. Looking at the tracklist Superstar is the only track left that's sutible for Charity Single so I guess that's why it's been chosen. But it is still the weakest song on the album. Looking forward to the remix, I hope it's more of a new version rather than just a beat with a vocal like a lot of the MDNA mixes have been.

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