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  1. 14 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    They didn't have a single copy of the vinyl or CD in Sainsbury's!

    The 2 stores local to me still don’t have it and wasn’t even there during release week either. They had a big Father’s Day section with multiple copies of Bruce’s album on CD and vinyl. 

    MX isn’t gonna ever appeal to the basic GBGP, I’ve given up caring. 


  2. 5 minutes ago, swimtoshore said:

    I've seen this argument quite a few times from Madonna haters and NRA types in the comments sections of some of the articles that have come out today after the video premiered. 

    With literally 1 minute of critical thinking it is obvious that this is just an absurd argument to try to label Madonna as a hypocrite. Having armed security guards that are protecting their client from harm is in no way contradictory to seeking improved laws to manage who can own a gun and when, how guns should be stored/protected so they don't get into the wrong hands (innocent children or malicious criminals) and what types of guns and gun equipment can be purchased (i.e gun CONTROL). 

    Thank you!

    ....I can’t understand how some people don’t seem to get that.

  3. At the moment I can’t say there’s anything I’d change on this album. I might go to play a certain song, but then I end up just playing the whole thing again - it’s wonderful. 

    First album since Hard Candy where I’ve not felt the need to create my own version.  

  4. 13 hours ago, rocknrolla said:

    The lyrics -- I'll be gay, if the gay are burned?  If the poor are humiliated? Isreal incarcerated?

    But it is a bit offensive.  She'll be poor, she'll be Africa.  So she's gonna give up all her wealth and move to a third world country? Sure. 

    She means well, but comes across very badly.  The song is bad, and the optics of it are even worse.

    Maybe don't read song lyrics so literally. 

  5. Yes i'd love to know what this Apple Lab thing is? I click the link and it just says this event isn't happening in your area?? But what event? What is it?? Originally I thought it was something where you could download the Crave stems and play them on you phone using the garage band app?? But there's no info about?

  6. I love Future so much. And and I’m still desperate to hear that remix she posted on Instagram, hopefully it’s got something to do with this Pride performance. 

    ......also want to hear the version that plays at the end of Tour Announcement video.

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