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  1. 15 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    She is fighting for climate change action all the time and calling out Trump, corporations and governments. She is definitely interested in Climate change. The hatred towards her is getting crazy.  People are more outraged at a 16 year old girl bringing up climate change than corrupt governments and industries abusing the environment. .


    Strange times we live in. Where this girl has become a some public hate figure, and people vote for complete arseholes like Trump and Johnson. I don't understand how this is happening 😞

  2. 16 hours ago, trevorhog said:

    From what I can judge from a poor audio clip:

    Judge yourself, no one else
    Day begins, wash away your sins
    Raise your spirit, let God hear it
    Boy you lay down, put your head down
    When you turn it, gotta burn it (?!)
    When you're brilliant, gotta learn it, oh yeah
    Let your light shine

    Wow! Finally I've waited so long for someone to post them, didn't want to listen to any leaks to find out for myself.

  3. 1 hour ago, Flip The Switch said:


    But what does that demo prove? Did he compose the music and melody? Isn’t this an instrumental demo Mirwais sent him to work on and then he’s laid down a vocal with his changes over the top?? He should post what Mirwais sent him. 

    I’d understand his frustration if this clip was the original demo and entirely his piece work - but it isn’t. 

  4. 26 minutes ago, FreeMySoul said:

    Before anyone drags anyone especially Madonna they should inform themselves.

    I wish Madonna would put out a statement but like many other things she will just let die down on its own 

    Absolutely not. She shouldn’t give him the spotlight he so desperately craves.......it’s really annoying that he’s doing this, as I quiet like him artist. We all know the music industry is in a bit of mess, but this just seems really uncalled for, as he’s been paid for his work. 

  5. Well it certainly seems like it's all for attention. If he needs to be annoyed at someone, that person is surely Mirwais not Madonna. But obviously nobody would give a rats-ass if he started trolling Mirwais on insta. 12k for an afternoons work doing some translations seems like a pretty fair deal to me IMO (I speak knowing nothing about copyright laws etc 😉 ).

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