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  1. 14 minutes ago, Gus said:

    I felt the same, it was The Face and also Details magazine



    She also discussed it in a tv interview for Sweden where the female reporter was pretty ruthless with questions about this subject even asking her how many did she have...



    It seems absolutely crazy that people were able to ask her stuff like this back in the day, incredibly rude......and then she’s so gracious with her response. Massive respect to M!

  2. That radio story is so vague it hardly matters if it’s true or false. I wish people would make up better rumours than just inevitable trues “EXCLUSIVE: Madonna’s new album is set to include no less than 10 songs, feature synths and guitars, she uses vocals on every song, some songs are around 4 minutes long while others are as long as 5 minutes. Some of the songs have a Latin influence, some a dancey while others are ballad ect ect.........

    C’mon guys!! I want another Windows In Hell or We R Superstars to pass the time 😂😂😂

  3. 1 hour ago, Kim said:

    I somewhat agree. I don't think time constraints had anything to do with the quality of MDNA, I think it was what she did with her time that was the problem. Conversely, fussy overproduction of the MDNA Tour film which she laboured over for ages completely ruined it.

    But why do we like Madonna? Becaus of her video editing skills or her skills as a musician and performance artist? She wants to have a go at everything and it doesn’t always work out in her favour, but when she sticks to what she does best the results are more often than not pretty spectacular. Personally I struggle to imagine the negatives in M labouring over music. But only time will tell!


    1 hour ago, trickyricky said:

    were moaning including me about her taking her time with the album and to be fair if shes not releasing it till june then she has loads of time to twerk certain songs etc but would be the first to admit that mdna sounded rushed lol ...shes in la anyway for the oscars so why not go in studio ..its great to see her in the studio so much 

    I’ve no complaints on her taking her time recording this. Her last too album’s had rushed and we’ve moaned ever since. We know it’s coming this year and soonish. With M the more perfecting the better IMO.  As much as I love Rebel Heart - it’s sloppy. 

  5. 2 hours ago, FeTuoni said:

    I just wanna say that “3rd world countries” are most of the time very culturally rich and have amazing music. 

    Exactly. And since when did “good music” only come from counties with a high economic status. People have some really shit opinions

  6. 1 hour ago, cocolattee said:

    I agree with the comments, it all looks a bit samey
    but I don't mind it as long as it's not the offical video for the first single... I want a big budget conceptual video directed by Emmanuel Adjei

    +1 fingers and toes all crossed! Cute video though!! Just want to see something that’s no been littered with edits and filters to hide it cheapness.

  7. 7 minutes ago, trickyricky said:

    she wouldnt record a album wearing them would she lol 

    .....ummm you know she would. Damn I bet she’s rather have recorded the whole thing via Snapchat wearing them, all nicely packaged by Aldo Diaz. But I’ve got higher hopes! Too many great sounding people are on board. 

    Just pray the GOD this was horrible joke. After Champagne Rose I’m not so sure 😬


  8. 1 hour ago, TearsInHeaven said:

    expresSH yourselfSH don't represSH yourselfSH

    was she singing with the grills on lol

    .......it leaves me quaking (please don’t ban me).....that image of her wearing them in the mic booth too. Fingers crossed they’re not making an appearance. 

    ......cut the VHS filter - nice visuals!!! 😻

  9. 7 hours ago, systemvalues said:

    As someone stated here (sorry if I don't remember the name of the member), maybe the money is for the production of the performance and, as Madonna herself said, when she signed with Interscope, these numbers are good on newspapers. 🙂

    But she’ll make over a million off the back of just showing up for one performance. It’s worth more to her than Eurovision, that’s why I don’t get the pay out?? and the story of that guy trying to raise fund to make her perform. 

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