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  1. I'm sitting too far away from the "main stage;" I ain't gonna see shit. And didn't someone say that Moment Factory are handling the video backdrops again? Does that include the actual staging, too? We see in the workshop teasers that a floor seemingly tilts. And what about that teaser on instagram (carried by wigged-people)? is that just a backdrop video, or will that be incorporated into a live-action performance? So many questions?


  2. ok this is gonna be a lil rant ;) but all i can tell you is.. don't expect people (casual fans) to get into it from the start when she opens with that song. MDNA started amazing but then ggw (or the autotune anyway) ruined it. such a beautiful atmosphere and production for such a weak song.. imagine if we would get an amazing opening like that but with a song everyone knows/loves? just think about it. she could easily add more dates for demand because people will buy those tickets if they see that. I'm just being a bit realistic.. hope it won't be another MDNA that's really an amazing tour but got a bad rep in some countries because of the weaker songs she choose. (aside from later start times in the US)

    compared to love don't live here anymore, its not a known M cover, but, its a beautiful song so in that way, it could work. same with between the bars and a few other songs that are lesser known. if they're good, they're good. (and theres always a few lesser known songs in it or new songs from the album that some people don't know and are performed so don't get me wrong, I love that. but i just feel that iconic is a bit too weak for an opener.. especially with UB (according to rumours) being the second song.

    but again, I'm one of those fans who just wants everyone to love her tour like they did with RIT & confessions. its just nice to see people walk out with a smiling face again. and tbh she kinda needs it now

    I disagree with everything you wrote, which is quite amazing. The two of us would be fun at dinner parties!

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