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  1. I would love for him to tell those couples who were being denied their civil right to a marriage license by this chick to "stop playing the victim." I'm sure that would go over really well.

    "Playing the victim" (in the grand scheme of things) is when you complain about an unfair issue that will eventually resolve itself - especially given the fact that the "war" has been won. Eventually, the clerk would get fined, get arrested, or get voted out. This is clearly media-based victimhood. In his own way, he doesn't want gay people to embarrass themselves by going after every pathetic small-time clerk and cry like weak little bitches over something that they already won. This is his "academic" opinion of a particular situation; he is not picketing gay people outside the clerk's office and yelling in their faces.

  2. Right, she's allowed to have her opinion/beliefs all she wants. But, the laws have been passed and she was denying couples their right to a marriage license, using her "religious beliefs" as justification. She wasn't doing her job.

    Of course, but that's not really his point. His point is that gay people (marriage winners) have to behave as winners and not succumb to be victims of some irrelevant small-time trashy clerk. He means that some things are not worth fretting over because full marriage right have already been won. Nothing to see here, move on. I my opinion, he basically wants gay people to have enough respect for themselves and not be the media victims of some ridiculous small-time clerk. If anything, he is actually pro-gay and anti-false-victimhood.

  3. ...... I don't know what he means by sore winners though.

    I think it means that you have to look at the big picture.

    You won the big marriage war, so who cares about some small town clerk - just let her attitude die out by itself. Only losers (aka sour winners) would concern themselves with small irrelevant (relatively speaking) stuff such as this clerk. Punch up (federal rights) not down (small town clerk).

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