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  1. I love these republicans that swear they aren't racist because they support one of the rare black republicans that are part of their bigoted party.

    Honestly I only believe they support and cheer for them for one simple reason. Because said black person holds to the ideals and principals that they feel will keep the white power structure of America intact. You can almost hear white republicans when people like Ben Carson speak thinking, "This is a good black man. He knows his place."

    That's not necessarily fair because some people, believe it or not, do not subscribe to "identity politics," and maybe, Ben Carson doesn't consider himself to be simply one thing over another. He is not running as a "black man" but simply as Ben Carson. He doesn't need to have a "conversation about race," because he IS the conversation. Believe it or not, this is a taste of what a "post-racial" America looks like - the absence of identity politics. Maybe you can get on this train before you, yourself, become a dinosaur.

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