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  1. I don't see why you need music videos or promotional interviews to give songs meaning. Why can't you use your imagination to create your own associations with the songs? It seems like a lot of people are looking for outside validation to tell them it's okay to like something. Just because you are older doesn't mean you don't still have memories or experiences. Use your imagination and not rely on outside sources like what the media tells you. I like albums just because there are more songs. There's more of a chance you will really love and want to replay over and over at least a couple of songs. I would be devastated if she released just one single or an EP where I didn't like any of the songs, regardless of whether they were big hits or not. Every album by her there are at least a few songs I love and play over and over and really touch me. With a single or an EP release that might not happen.

    I'm very sympathetic to your case about having a full album as I enjoy lesser known songs, too; in fact, I became a fan at the turn of the century almost 20 years into her career when her presence in the general public was already way off its peak. Most of the songs I like are virtually unknown and/or even disliked by other fans.

    Now that you brought up the point about needing external validation, I'm a little stumped. Maybe I do need that validation to some extent. Maybe what I'm trying to say is that Madonna thrives in visual mediums in which the music is showcased. It's a little scary for me to think that this whole area (the visual arts/pop spectacles/promotion) will increasingly, for whatever reason, play a smaller role in her career. Maybe this evolution is just something I need to get over. What I mean to say is that a lot of people can make music, but no one can master the art of spectacle and cultural relevancy like she can. This is a talent that I'm afraid she may waste or squander if she merely releases albums that are secondary to tours.

    I will say this: I would be totally satisfied if she only plays new songs when she tours. I would have loved to see the entire MDNA album played on the MDNA tour. The older songs had their day - if I want to hear Like a Prayer again, I'll download it on iTunes. This way she can focus on showcasing the new songs and put life into them.

  2. almost agreed until the "poorly made videos".......

    I chose my words poorly. I did not mean to suggest that they are bad. What I meant to say is that the music videos, post-MTV, have taken a back seat - as Madonna, herself, has stated. They, like all music vids, do not have the enormous budgets of the '90's, and lack viewership, as well. I meant to suggest a difference in the music vids in relative metrics - and not in quality. I think this is important because the music video medium is so integral to her career.

  3. What's restrictive about an album? The problem with singles or EP's is that you might not like the songs. But with her albums even with the ones that I like less, there are always a few tracks that I think are amazing. With an album, there's more chance there will be at least a couple of songs you love.

    Hmm.., Maybe the album format in not restrictive in and of itself, but I do think that the "impact" or "essence" of a pop album is severely diminished without some sort of marker that will tie the songs down in our memory, for example. I think that a time and place needs to be marked down in our consciousness in order to fully realize the full potential of a song, otherwise it's just a tree falling in a forest where no one can hear. Without music videos that cannot be seen, without promo, without life experiences that can serve as "markers" we get an MDNA. I personally love MDNA and consider it a full and complete album, but pop songs are essentially without value if they do not connect with a cultural time-and-place regardless if they are good or not. Maybe this is why many fans connect with her older stuff, but constantly criticize her new work - because their youth played a part in connecting life events to the music.

    I just think that the traditional album serves no purpose in Madonna's NEW world of uneventful releases, poorly-made music videos, and diminished album sales. She needs some sort of spectacle to connect the music to the culture. She is a pop star, after all.

  4. I would love for her to do something less restrictive than albums. Throw smash singles out there like Roisin Murphy; release 3 EPs in one year like Robyn; record a crazy two-part operetta like Justin T. (but less boring).


    I agree that she should do something non-restrictive (I have ideas as to what but that's for another thread). It was mentioned above that she just doesn't seem to be into it anymore; so there is no point in forcing new music, let alone an entire album which would only serve to placate the 12 fans who actually care about the album format. Either wait for a masterpiece or ditch the traditional album - I'm so sick of albums - blah. Albums are for people who have a lot to say: all she has to say for the foreseeable future is "perfume, clothing line, gyms!"

  5. I don't want to be a downer:

    But, isn't it a bit sad that nowadays whenever the biggest pop star may or may not announce something, via a real or fake billboard, we all assume that it is some sort of tacky business venture (perfume, clothing line, perfume, GYM) instead of actual music.

  6. I may be mistaken, but didn't Madonna say somewhere around 2008/9 that she will probably never make anymore "big" music videos such as were filmed in the past. The reason being, I'm assuming, for financing reasons. This may explain why she goes on tour so quickly now - you know, before the hype wears down. People are suggesting that the last two eras didn't seem complete so maybe this is why.

    I remember thinking: without the music video there is no madonna. But, thankfully, the MDNA Tour turned out to basically be a giant life-size music video!

    Having said that: I do wish that there was something more to the MDNA Era to satiate me. I thought that the surprise appearance at the Ultra Music Festival was genius.

  7. I cannot answer if it is ahead of its time - most likely, it's not.

    But, I do believe that the best way to fully appreciate GGW in full is to rotate all of the remixes. That's what I do. Each remix adds another dimension. When I heard the very first snippet of GGW I hated it; I hated the lyrics and the production. I was mortified and repulsed! I wasn't the only one because I read somewhere that the "poor quality" of GGW was brought up to Liz Rosenberg and she appeased the fans by saying, and I'm paraphrasing, "the remixes will kill everything." Now, I can almost understand why the album version of GGW sounds the way it does and what they may have been going for with that "dated" production sound, as it is often described. The album version may be a compromise between the almost ballad-like quality of the Justin Cognito Remix and the harder/faster remixes. If you listen very closely to the album version you can hear an almost badass production style that has been subdued in an attempt to balance the vocal and the production. Basically, I think that they took a risk and it didn't work out. But, I love the song now and find myself singing it all the time. I just wish that someone could tell me what happened to that never-heard-of-again remix that we heard being played outside Madonna's house long ago.

  8. I'm still hoping for more music to come with the secret project. Madonna gave a sly response in the MDNA Tour Q&A about this. Seems likely that a secret song is the cause for the delay, otherwise, it would have been released already.

    "Hey You" Part 2

  9. This is great! Almost like guerilla marketing, or non-traditional promo. And they couldn't have picked a better cut-out; it's as if the photo was taken while her facial muscles were still In the process of completing the pose.

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