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  1. Memories........

    My mom was driving me home from school, or something, and the radio people said that when they come back from the break they will play the new Madonna song as it had leaked or something and this was a day or 2 ahead of the official release. Up until this point, I had only heard the 2 official few-second audio clips online. Anyway, I forced her to park the car in the nearest parking lot because, obviously, you cannot drive AND listen to a new Madonna song.


    I didn't see the live broadcast of the MTVE awards because it was on delay here, or something, so I was glued to some blog which was posting "live" pictures of the performance, instead of video. I don't think video existed back then.

  2. Aside from Vogue, I mainly just hear the 80's hits on the radio on a regular basis in Australia these days. sometimes you'll get lucky and it will be Ray of Light or Frozen. Though you know what 90s song I've been hearing over and over again the past year or so? Rescue Me.

    I hear these same exact songs over and over again at my gym. Satellite radio, though.

  3. The security only came out once during the show. After that I made my way into your section and stayed for the rest of the show lol

    What were you wearing cruncher???

    Were you near the "floor mom" :chuckle:

    The blonde lady causing a commotion and trying to prevent people from infiltrating the section from other sections? Yes. If anyone bothered watching the video I posted you'd see that she made her way to the stage. That video was for u guys: I didn't told my arm up recording this for 8mins for my health, you know. Anyway, you can see Wilbur, the security, standing there the whole time.

  4. So I have a question regarding the last pic near the heart.

    When the show starts everyone goes as close to the heart? In the picture it looks like it was General Admision, what happens with the chairs and seat???? The guards doesn't interfere?

    Wilbur, the security gentleman told us that we have to stay in our seats when she is on the main stage, but we are allowed to "storm" the heart when she come to the heart. Of course, the people with seats directly against the heart have geographic precedence to standing against the stage.

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