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  1. 1 hour ago, erotica blu said:

    Pedro can you translate her tweet?


    1 hour ago, Gus said:

    Something like "Mexicans are such crybabies, LOL"


    Sure, it says: 

    What cry babys are your MeJican countrymen. Laughter. 

    She used a J which would be a very European or Spanish thing to do, the grammar is also a little weird because who's countrymen is she referring to? Maybe she was taking to someone in Mexico and then she deleted the tweet.


    14 minutes ago, Love Spent said:

    OMG this is so true. :dead:  


  2. 24 minutes ago, ULIZOS said:

    I was about to post this! 

    If this gets approved, ALL OF US will be paying for the wall. Taxpayers. NOT 

    The Mexican peso got around 20% weaker against the U.S. so, like Mexico's Minister of Economy and Finance said late last year, the tax will be completely offset by the cheaper Mexican peso. So no enterprises will be running out of Mexico any time soon. 


  3. The thing is even if Mexico refuses to pay for the wall, the US could easily tax the remittances (remesas) and make in someway Mexicans pay for it, this affects the poorest section of the Mexican population as always, the value of the remittances each year is about $26,000 million dollars. 

    Mexico feels betrayed and insulted because while the committee was flying to Washington the presidential order was given, after today's meeting they will decide if Peña Nieto is attending to next weeks meeting or not. News are going 24hrs on the subject. In the other hand Trump announced the construction of and already built wall during his campaign so it obviously the first order he was going to give. 

    Agreed that the wall is not going to solve anything or stop anything from happening. 

    I know Trump affects us all, but he has made his campaign and presidency all about denigrating Mexico. 

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