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  1. 2 hours ago, Tatu said:

    I just...ugh. I don’t get it. Adoption seems like such a hard process to go through you would think the kids would end up in the right hands.  There was a very recent case in Dallas TX about this little girl that was left outside at 3am cause she didn’t want to drink her milk.  She was also adopted. Poor kids who end up in worse places than their original homes.  These people are supposed to be their saviors..it’s just so sad. 

    Don’t even tell me about it, I found this to be the saddest thing ever, the time when you are supposed to be loved, safe and in the arms of your loving parents is not there and won’t be ever in this criminal cases... 

    Why do people go to all the burden of adopting to become such monsters??? 

  2. 5 hours ago, Sky Fits Heaven said:

    How's Mexico doing, @Pedro?

    Hola @Sky Fits Heaven I guess things are still very fresh in everybody’s mind, it’s all that people talk about and it’s in the news 24/7, tonight the seismic alarm went off in my university and we were evacuated, the general feeling was: oh not again please, but it was just the schools alarm and nothing happened outside, don’t know why that happened. 

    There’s a feeling of unity in the general consciousness and Mexicans feel very united, the government and the media have been heavily exposed as very corrupt organizations, not that we didn’t know that but things were very evident with social media. 

    They are going to demolish 1000 buildings so many families are still going to be affected. 

    Thank u for asking. :inlove: :brenspin:

  3. 1 hour ago, elijah said:

    You can go to the beach and thats pretty much it. And you have to go there in the winter time, cause its unbearably hot in the summer/early autumn/late spring. There is almost no history there, nothing. The old market is from the 60ties-70ties. I mean its ridiculous. The history museum consists of like 4 rooms. There are only modern buildings that I had zero interest to see. The malls are like the malls everywhere in the world. Its a dull and snobby place with zero substance. But then again I know a lot of airheads who love it so I guess it has its lovers...


  4. 10 hours ago, spazz said:

    I hate to say this but last August on Madonna's birthday I met a guy from internet, He raped , videotaped & abused me to pay money. He tricked me to be gay.



    @spazz I’m so sorry to hear that. Are you ok? Sending you a big hug. 

  5. 2 hours ago, horn said:

    I'm planning to Egypt with a friend on tour group.

    He will be sharing the same room with me.

    I'm not sure how would the local react if they finds out 2 men sharing a room.

    But based on the links posted by Spazz, I think I'll cancel the trip.

    Thank goodness I have yet to pay for the tour.

    I went to Egypt in an all men group of 5 friends, 3 gay (one couple and me) and 2 straight, everything seemed pretty safe and very welcoming but we absolutely didn’t look for any gay related tourism no bars or hook ups, if you go you’ll find that you don’t really need too with all the marvelous things you have to do there. This was before all this change of climate there though. 


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