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  1. 54 minutes ago, metalissimo said:

    Janet Made for Now debuted at no. 88 on Hot 100 and the following week it disappeared, only 1 week on Hot 100. 

    For the #88 debut she moved 20k units and 3.7M streams in the USA...

    God knows how many streams of the video, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Apple, Pandora and a few sales on iTunes she scored. 

    When BIM debuted at #84 they only said that she made 2.7M streams that week, didn’t mention any sales but they most been low maybe around 5-10k.

    So she chatted higher than Janet with less streaming, who knows how competitive this week will be.

  2. I believe that in the VMA’s he mentioned to her that he will be up for a song, and maybe she spoke with Mirwais and they started the research she mentioned about Maluma and had the Medellin draft song.

    It will be very weird that M would have a draft called Medellin out of nowhere.

    Anyway he sounds so sweet and yes he comes across sexy/flirty in the way he sings in the song, he does make me feel things when he says ‘ay que rico’ in English maybe could translate to ‘yeah, give it to me daddy’.

  3. I understand the Beyoncé promo because she released a ‘hyped’ live album and also made available on streaming her latest album which was big, while M only has a song out, Lizzo also released her album.

    And yes US, NZ, AUS, JP are the main countries that seem to not care anymore, in the UK it’s been at least stable also in europe.

    It could be also that this song is latin and has a lot of speaking parts in Spanish and those countries maybe couldn’t care less about a half Spanish song, maybe they will join on the others singles.

  4. SPOTIFY Medellín

    17/04/2019 520,454
    18/04/2019 1,293,718 (+773,264)
    19/04/2019 2,288,372 (+994,654)
    20/04/2019 2,933,653 (+645,281)
    21/04/2019 3,418,691 (+485,038)
    22/04/2019 3,945,165 (+526.474)

     By Beredi on UKMix

    The streams went up!!!! Hopefully it will stabilize and thank Madame X that the video is coming in two days.

    On another note, Buzzangle is reporting that as this morning, Medellin has sold 16k with streaming in the USA, counting the first two days.

    People in 🇺🇸 please keep streaming and be sure to share the video tomorrow, we can make this chart on Billboard!!! 

    And yes the song is doing better than LFL, in just 6 days it has combined 10.3M only on Spotify and  YouTube, LFL in 4 years has 73M combined, Medellin will get there in a month with the promo, album release and official video.

  5. 39 minutes ago, Haseena said:

    It’s at MTV Studios in Camden. 

    Do you think its worth waiting outside (presume there’s a back entrance)? I don’t know how much luck people have with these kinds of things, especially with M!

    If you have the time you should go, who knows what could happen.

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