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  1. I’m not excited with Future as the song to be performed but ok, I’m here for a fun performance and whatever it makes, it will push the sales of the album/song and also make awareness of the era and Madonna doing more than pop, the world has listened to Medellin and now this so they could be here for Madonna world album.

  2. I haven’t heard it but at least I’m happy that it seems like every track stands out and it’s not like they’re album fillers like Superstar, Some Girls or Hold tight.

    I’m sad that this leaked, hopefully it was only this one because everything was going smoothly and the album is still 5 weeks away...

  3. 7 minutes ago, coco said:

    Add this: Unapologetic Bitch

    I’m going through  it...Yeah, I know you see the tragic in it

    Woke up this morning feeling that you were gone...I thought awhile, but I'm finally moving on

    I thought about UB too in the first listen!

  4. 2 minutes ago, Shane said:

    Are the pre-releases of those four tracks one hundred percent official or no?

    No, it seems like iTunes had a slip of info but nothing confirmed, I find it odd since she’s too invested in Medellin promo and the live performance and then this Friday to post: oh and there’s a new song out now!! 

  5. 4 minutes ago, ITG said:

    I think it's random too.

    Generally most artists release/make available each track from the album in order before full release?

    It could happen too, Xtina released her first lead single on May 3rd, then another song on May 11, another on May 16 and the last on June 7, the album came out in June 14; but that was in a the lapse of 6 weeks, Medellin-Madame X is 8 weeks and 5 songs? 


  6. 1 hour ago, ITG said:

    I Rise is available May 3

    Crave is available May 10


    I find this weird because right now she’s in full mode promoting Medellin and also the performance, for then to release ‘I Rise’ next Friday? It could take some attention from Medellin, but I guess that the main point is to generate conversation about the era/album, maybe they should hold that one for May 10.

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