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  1. i'm late but whatever, i'm so happy for you Hector!!! an amazing experience of course!!

    the reviews are great, loved all the videos, Lola dancing is just pure love, i love when she sings Love Spent while all the people are throwing money.

  2. The Vita Coco contest is just for the USA :( so i only have twitter for fight, btw, if i win on twitter, he gives me 2 tickets for GT?? btw, are these the steps?

    -Guy writes the tweet

    -I send a lot of tweets with the TT and @guyoseary

    -if i win, Guy send me a DM at midnight (3am - 6am)

    -the DM has a email were i need to send my name?

    -then i need to go earlier to the place where the concert is being held, and check my name?

    -they give me the bracelet and i go inside?

    12 days left!!!

  3. Hi, how do you know the 38k number? I have been wondering about the amount sold for a long time, hopefully it will sell out


    if you count the tickets on ticketmaster.com there are 13.6k tickets and then in the General admission area can fill 10k fans, so i'm guessing that at least half of that is sold, so 5k + 13.6 = 18.6k left

    55k tickets

    - 18.6k unsold

    = 37k tickets sold

    it's an approach, if you don't understand it send me a DM or ask me in twitter :)

  4. cartel-madonna-foro-sol-mexico-24-y-25-nomveombre-2012-00.jpg


    The Queen is coming to Mexico City for the third time and Mexico is ready and horny for her, last time she was here with the S&S 4 years ago.

    The Foro Sol can afford 55k fans, the first date is sold-out and the second one has sold 38k as now, but i'm pretty sure that it will go sold-out the day before the show.

    It's my first time that i will see Mdolla in all her holyness, i'm so nervous and happy!!!

    Paul Oaklefond will be the opening act and he better be ready for us with a magical set.

    November 24, 2012 - Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Sol: Dark Phoenix, magom, ULIZOS, xnerel

    November 25, 2012 - Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Sol: ULIZOS, Dark Phoenix

    13 days left to see her!!!!

  5. Thanks for all the reviews, i'm so happy for Kat, LCD and all of you!

    i love hearing all of your experiences from the triangle,also i like that Guy goes to takes pictures and small chat. I guess that 95% of the tickets were sold, it looks so full! and i wonder what does Papa and Joanne think about the show? hahaha cool.

    btw, can somebody lease tell me what does Oaklefond put? which songs? he's the opening act here in Mexico city and i'm curious because sometimes i read that the people dance with his music and sometimes i read that it's a snooze fest.

  6. great reviews guys! i'm happy that you both enjoyed the show, you were so close!!

    And i love the Love Spent video with the fans throwing the money at her, is really amazing, this tour is so much better than the others, i guess that on the level of Blonde Ambition holyness.

    i don't like it that some people booed her but whatever, they already paid the ticket, i'm so glad that she's almost over with this series of concerts in the Red States.

    thanks for the photos and vids!!

  7. so, it seems that Give it 2 me wasnt performed tonight, but maybe shes rehearsing and add this later, maybe for Latin Americaor NY and Miami.

    edit: i just asked a fan in twitter who attend the show and he say that she perform Give it 2 Celebration o.O

    let me find videos or more proofs.

  8. i guess that every year more people watch tv, every year the Superbowl audience go up so of course Beyoncé can pull a big number, but that doesn't mean that her show will be better than Madonna's, she's not that iconic.

    The media lovers her, Obama too, i bet that this will be her setlist:

    -Single Ladies

    -Desnity's Child Medley (Michelle and Kelly as background singers)

    -Crazy in Love with Jay Z and Blue Ivy

    -Halo (is her Like a Prayer).

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