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  1. im afraid Mexican shows will be full of pseudo celebrities like this one just like in 2008

    pretty sure this will happen, i'm going to both dates, but all the wannabes and reality stars will be there in the first concert hahaha, a lot of paparazzis i guess.

  2. You guys, is frezzing in Mexico city and as you all know is an open area.

    Do you think Madonna will do the Human Nature / Like a Virgin streep tees part?????

    she better do it!!!

    btw, thanks for the advice, iread that we will be at 7° C gooooood, i will take a sweater or maybe a scarf

  3. 4 times. I could've worked it so I'd be in the pit in many other cities, but I instead used my power to get many other fans into the pit. i've lost count how many people i helped on this tour.


    Bow the fuck down for the GOLDEN VAGINA FAIRY GODFATHER

    thanks for doing this for all of us Hector, really really thank you :)

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