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  1. She is already exhausted too many shows already, i would blame the US leg she would have done stadiums shows, maybe just 20-25 not 44!

    And remember the laringitis on Dallas, and then on Mexico City she was sick with flu and the weather was cold,and then on Medellin was cold again and in Brazil were raining and she got wet, i'm pretty sure that she can fully recover.

    She just wants this to end and i don't blame her, 4 shows left isn't?

  2. Yes she def. moves more fluidly in the jeans! You're so right, I just noticed watching the mexico footage of it! Idk, I hope we get the first version of this! This is all getting way to messy!

    I guess that she was kinda slow in Mexico because of the elevation of Mexico City (2,420 m / 7,940 ft) she even say it on the concert that she was kinda exhausted because of this, Medellín has the same problem.

  3. wow the remix is cool and the pic with Madonna and the artist is great.

    Maybe if they release this on itunes as Superstar EP then mnaybe it will appear on Billboard Dance/Club and hit #1!

    Plus, Lola is getting money for this too! go for it gurl!

  4. 8220015009_1215e00a05_z.jpg



    I'm back from México City, it was ****ing incredible, i made it into the GT with the ipad contest, i was in the first show it was fully packed 55k fans there, all screaming, Madonna came at 10:30 pm but no one was booing, Paul Oakenfold made a good job also.

    The show is incredible, the screens are so HD, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, her smile, we entered when she was doing the soundcheck singing TUTR, everyone was dancing and singing and then on LAP she touched my hand and smiled, i will never forget this, it was my ultimate dream come true, when i became a fan 7 years ago with Hung Up when i was 12 my dream was "i hope that one day i can see her" and now she look me in the eyes and touch me, fight for your dreams and never gave up!

    It was so cold that was the reason that she was wearing the coat and the hoodie haha, on Masterpiece she asked for a tissue for her nose, i love her, she my biggest inspiration, i will upload some pictures and videos later today!

    i tapped this! i truly feel blessed and stronger now...

  5. Soundcheck


    she ask us if we will be singing with her on TUTR and LAP and the fans scream: "yes" and i said "**** yeah" and she said: "what did you say?" and i screamed again but all the fans also "**** yeah" and she said: that's much better!


    me waiting outside since 11 am


    me touching the stage


    The Pope with me


    me striking a pose




    with Paul Oakenfold


    Oseary was taking pictures and i saw him and took this haha he's funny and was smiling all the time

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