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  1. Last year when she was on twitter, a fan ask her if she ever will write an autobiography, and she said that yes, but not now.

    I would die for the details! the ultimate truth, and i need it to be big, like the official Steve Jobs bio.

  2. Tracy Morgan? really billboard? whatever, i'm curious to see:

    -who's gonna introduce her

    -The video-interlude they'll gonna put

    -Her dress

    -Her reaction while watching the others performing


    C'mon MDNA, get that Platinum certification!!! i'm pretty sure that if she wins the award or if she shows the trailer, the MDNA sales will get a little boost and when the dvd comes out it will hit the top ten just like S&S.

  3. They're so happy together! and where's Oseary? finally he let her breath!

    btw, do you think that Madonna already has talked with David and Mercy about her origins? i mean that she's not her real mother and that stuff, i say it because now they have 8 years and i can see them sad in the few pictures, maybe they now can see what could have been his future or something like that.

    Mercy will be the next Naomi Campbell.

  4. Madonna is listed as a guest on the upcoming episode of Access Hollywood airing on Monday, April 1st.

    Scheduled in the show this Monday is "a sit-down interview with Madonna"; the epidose will also celebrate General Hospital's 50th anniversary and more.

    what if it's a trick because of April Fools' Day ???

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