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  1. This needs to be her most gayest and campy performance ever! 

    Hopefully Hung Up, Vogue, Music, God Control (Drags and disco song).

    I’m not expecting more than 4 songs and whatever if they complain about Madonna, the tickets were sold out already so that means they got them before knowing she will be there.

    I’m afraid she’s going to do something acoustic or laidback with the batukadeiras, hopefully she goes full Live Earth mode and they need to livestream this on YouTube! Because all of this for that small audience is not going to impact the charts, and MX will be in her 3 week of charts and will need exposure.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Bat-Fan said:

    Bday song is the worst... Unlistenable 

    Superstar says hi.

    12 minutes ago, Geiger83 said:

    Almost every Madonna album has at least one or two "silly" songs (exceptions IMO are Ray of Light, Music and American Life). I personally don't understand why to put this kind of song on a record, specially when some time later demos leak and we ask why on heaven these unreleased songs weren't chosen. But I simply learned to accept that this is what Madonna does (Jimmy Jimmy, Did you do it, Don't Stop, I love New York, Spanish Lesson, Bday Song, Autotune Baby and many others say hello...while Love won't wait, Your honesty, You'll stay and many many many others cry on the corner 🤣)

    *I’m so stupid has joined the chat* 

  3. 3 hours ago, Nikki said:

    so what's gonna happen to m's sales when they're gonna stop itunes?

    Apple is not erasing  iTunes from existence, they will merge the ITunes Store with the Apple Music streaming service and then on the streaming platform they will give you the option to buy the song/album.

    and I doubt that will happen this June 14, they will save the debut for the new iOS in mid-September with the new iPhone.

  4. Oh it seems like in the Alternative Press rating, they rated 7 all the reggae/Latin tracks, maybe it’s not that they’re bad but maybe they didn’t liked that kind of sound? Because Medellin is not the same as Future.

    About the Q review, it was great, not a lot of new info and reinforces what we knew. I’m excited about Come Alive and Crazy because there’s been good comments and of course the hits left are God control and DB.

    Poor Flopping for Mercy.

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