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  1. 22 minutes ago, SabihaSultan said:

    A silly question: which version will appear on Spotify? The standard one with 13 tracks, the one with 15 or the super deluxe (18 tracks including Ciao Bella)? I wanna hear all of them 😑

    Who knows, maybe only the deluxe because the super deluxe is not even available on iTunes/digital. 

  2. 3 hours ago, trevorhog said:

    I read on twitter that the streams for the remix of Old Town Road will be counted for album sales, but the original will not because it’s not included on his EP.

    Yep, they will only count the streams from the songs on the EP and since he only put the remix version the streams for the original would not count to the album only to the single.


    The album crossed 30M streams one week before it drops, which is nice since RH has 192M in 4 years, with DB and the normal streams it could be around 33M next Friday.

    Madame X - 30,293,821 streams in Spotify

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