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  1. 56 minutes ago, frzndrwnwrld said:

    If Rebel Heart was ignored, I don't see Madame X getting any nominations. It would be amazing if it did though!

    Mmm I think  that MX has a better chance than RH to get a nod since it has scored better reviews than RH.

    Maybe Medellín, Crave and the album can snatch one.

    I’m not sure about the Latin Grammys because they have a rule that the song needs to be at least 50% in Spanish or Portuguese right? Do Medellín or Faz Gostoso have that split? Not sure 🤔 

  2. 1 hour ago, HolidayGuy said:

    A steep drop is coming, no matter what happens- recall the multipe U.S. Ellen shows came in week 2 of RH, and the drop was still 80%.

    Nonetheless, can't wait for the video.

    I’m not sure if a drop that steep is coming, last time it was:

    #2 (121k) - #21 (26k) down 78%

    and first week was bolstered by the tour bundle, this time not so much, yes it will drop hard but maybe to 75% that could be 24k, and #10 sold 12k last week so maybe another week in Top 20.

    RH managed 11 weeks on chart, let’s see if MX can at least hold 5.

  3. Anitta’s next show is until June 29, so they have a whole week to do something.

    But yeah this needs a Latin video, maybe they can do something like a party video (BIM), she shouldn’t keep insisting on Anitta she’s going to get her mad, because first she couldn’t care less about the song and now she’s urging Anitta for the video.

  4. Yeah, only attached to Arianna right now cause even Taylor and Katy can’t achieve a #1 by themselves.

    Swae Lee and Quavo are not streaming legends, the first has like 5-6 big songs but all of them are features and Quavo couldn’t even make his album hit #1, neither does he has a #1 on his own, only big songs but with Drake, Bieber, 1D or Dj Khaled, so the only big streaming artist is Maluma and it payed off.

  5. 4 minutes ago, cruela_furlani said:

    I am kind of scared after her mentioning the three last albums and another comment about not wanting to carry on. I really, really hope she does not stop making music. Has she ever said something like that as vocally as she seems to do in this phase right now?

    I think that it’s not like she doesn’t want to put out new music but that she wishes to make a film but somehow that's been more tricky to do for her so she relies on Plan B: Music. 

    It does look like it’s not her priority seeing the year gaps between MDNA-RH-MX.

    And now that Weinstein is down, she needs a producer to bring the money.

  6. Yaaaassss if she mentioned that is because they might are going to make the video but I’m not expecting something very produced, we might end up with something like Crave but at least we will have a video!!!! I wonder if they are going to shoot the video outdoors but then it would be too similar to Made For Now

  7. I like the album and feel a connection with it for a few personal reasons:

    I made my first trip to Europe in October and visited London, Amsterdam and Paris, then last month I visited Berlin and 2 weeks in Italy and I feel like somehow I can relate to her feeling excited about Lisbon/new culture as I did getting to know new languages and people, I love how she went for English, Spanish and Portuguese.

    I work in Diversity and Inclusion and I’m organizing our first time at the Pride Parade and also revising a policy for People with disabilities and sometimes I get frustrated because of the government and laws, and I really feel her sentiment when she sings I Rise and Future, I do feel that need to do something for our society.

    I love Madame X.

  8. 2 hours ago, Bat-Fan said:

    someone on infinity claims video was planned for today or tomorrow but they decided to delay it or not release it this week. I don't know if this is true but the member is not a troll.

    Well Medellin and Crave were released on Wednesdays so it wouldn’t have been a surprise and it would have gave a last push to the album for this weeks chart.

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