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  1. 1 hour ago, FeTuoni said:

    I’m tired of seeing Madonna being bashed everywhere. And honestly, sometimes I fear for her safety.

    Me too but I kinda feel like she has embraced that game, that’s what she signs in KWAP and also always stands for what she believes in, if they ever attack/hurt her it will only prove her point and make her cause stronger/martyring her.

  2. I still listen to the album daily, and it goes by so fast, like very quickly, I love how it changes from dance to disco to ballads to whatever is next.

    The only ones not doing it for me are LFM and BTUTTB, but I still listen to them when I’m in the mood. I made a playlist with Champagne Rose and Soltera and they mix well.

    Hopefully we do get the video for FG and one more performance or promo for the album, I don’t want this to fade away until the tour happens.

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