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  1. Oh well, at least she posted something, and I’m sooo sure that she has losta things to post about David and the twins but she needs to hold until the info is released, I bet she’s about to explode.

    I’m still hoping for April 19th to be announced as the single release date.

  2. I guess that she’s waiting for the video to be ready so she can release it along the song on the same day, since music is released on fridays I’m gonna bet on April 19th for both of them, right on Easter!

    This Friday is too close without any anticipation and April 26 is too far away and they release Avengers Endgame and the whole world and media is going to be focused on that movie the whole weekend and it would drown the attention from the song.

  3. 8 minutes ago, caba1 said:

    aren't those movies "Loved" and "Greta Wells" going to be filmed after this era? if that's the case (one of them IS going to be filmed for sure) be prepared for 5 or 6 years of nothing. Can you imagine? Releasing an album with almost 70 years old. OMG.

    Both need to wait because she will be doing ‘Taking Flight’ first with the ballet dancer, and that one was officially announced with Universal.

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