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  1. For example, Iggy’s Sally Walker came out one month ago and on the first week it had like 20M video views and 4.5M on Spotify and it debuted at #62 on Billboard with like 10k digital sales too.

    M has more hype and Maluma and will get those numbers easier, but if she releases this Wednesday the song will only have two days for billboard to count, so that week it might not debut but it will on the next one, it’s fine because the weekend is going to push the song and the streaming will keep rising, kinda weird that they chose this Wednesday, maybe they really wanted to take advantage of the holy days/ Easter when there’s no school and everyone is on holiday and clubs.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Mensch said:

    He says her project is going to further Latin music into another level not just for him but for Latin music in general and he’s excited to see when she decides to reveal what they worked on...

    This, it’s seems it’s not only a song with him but a whole aesthetic/project built around it, taking in consideration Anitta and Maluma’s producer too, she will go further!

    This week is it! I’m ready for Medellin and Madame X!

  3. Just now, Milosc89 said:

    Why do you think single has to be released on Friday?

    Living for love single released: 20.12. - Saturday 

    Hung up single released: 17.10. - Monday

    4minutes single released: 17.03. -Monday


    Because of the new rules from Billboard, they count points from Friday to Thursday, so every artist now releases music on a Friday, unless they’re a streaming monster or whatever to be confident to lose 1 o 2 day of sales.

  4. Beyoncé is not releasing anything but a musical documentary of a last year performance on Netflix, it will push her sales for a week but not that much because the last album is not on Spotify.

    The only threat is Taylor but her fans and M’s are not the same market, so no problem, even if she blocks M from gettin a #1, that would mean that M got a #2 where she hasn’t been since Music in 2000 so stop. 

  5. Very bold of Taylor to release the same day as Avengers, no doubt that she will get #1 but the press will be focused on the movie.

    Hopefully she does release the single next Friday and the album before Taylor because she will grab the #1 for at least 3-4 weeks, and even if M14 moves 200k first week it could get blocked.

    Taylor’s last two gaps between first single and album release is 2.5 months so her album might come at the end of June, hurry Madame X! 

  6. She will did great, RH even with the leaks moved around 356k units as September 2018, it must be around 365k by now and the new era could push the sales further.

    This time with the hype, no leaks, Maluma and Anitta features and the videos, all of that can help to propel the streaming points for the album so it can hit 500k and Gold cert, it’s possible.

  7. She really snapped this time with a visual album, but yeah M share at least the release date even if it is June.

    Oh wait it can’t be June because she will perform the new single on May 18th, so we are at least 5 weeks away from listening the new single.

  8. What about American Idol now that it’s back with Katy Perry? 

    She premiered GMAYL video there isn’t?

    The final 4 live shows are on:

    4/28 5/5 5/12 5/19

    She can definitely do the first two of May, since she will be in Israel since May 14 to rehearse, but the show is averaging 8M too.


    BMA are ok plus Cardi, Ariana and Maluma are nominated she will be in good company. 

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