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  1. I’m excited but yeah slightly scared for her because of the Brit’s, but then I remembered that she did the RHT with the Holy Water, Iconic, DYU medley numbers and I’m calm.

    I don’t expect her to do Jlo Latin moves but rather something sexy and flirty with Maluma.

    Also I’m curious as to what she will be doing in the Maluma verses.

    And hopefully no Eye-Patch, but it seems like it.

  2. She’s #107 on Spotify WW chart and she’s never been higher in that one, so I guess that the playlists have worked.

    Remember that LFL has 25M and GT 23M streams on Spotify in 4 years and Medellin made 2.3M in 3 days so this will go definitely higher than both with the promo and video.

    Remember that right now we need to aim for better sales and streaming numbers than RH, that is our goal and this is a great start! 

  3. Oh sorry, I thought that XO and I Rinse were the deluxe tracks, well maybe it can be the 2nd after all.

    Let’s see how Medellin’s audio video stands against the last releases of her contemporaries:

    -Mariah’s GTFO out since October/2018: 8.3M views

    -Jlo’s Medicine out one week ago: 13M views

    -Janet’s Made for now out since September/2018: 61M views

    -Xtina f/Demi’s Fall in Line out in May/2018: 36M views

    -Kylie f/ Gente de Zona ‘Stop me from falling’ out one year ago: 14M views

    So far I guess for 2 days she’s great and that’s not even the main video, keep streaming on Spotify!!! 

  4. Don’t role this out because it’s only 26h since it came out and it already has 2.74M on YouTube, 540k streams only on Spotify and it’s the #9 song worldwide on iTunes, in the top 10 in the main countries like USA, UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

    Next week the video premiere and the mtv event will be broadcasted worldwide on all the mtv channels and will push the song a little bit more.

  5. 5 minutes ago, realityisalways said:

    There is strong competition, Taylor Swift just announced she will release the 26th of April, Beyonce is also releasing some shit

    Yeah but I’m not expecting Medellin to hit #1, I’ll be more than happy if it hits the Top 10 in a few weeks.

    Taylor will be #1 for 2-3 weeks as always and Beyoncé released a live album what will move no more than 120k first week and that’s it, there’s not a single or something worthy on the songs aspect.

  6. What I have seen is The Gays™️ casual fans are hating because they wanted pop but the ones supporting and happy with the song are the mainstream public and Maluma fans/Latin audience.

    Hopefully she doesn’t pay attention and they will be served with the disco bop.

    Im sure that if RoL album had been released now they would be hating Frozen too.

  7. 1.4M views on the first 11 hours on YouTube, it will finish the first day with 2.5M-3M.

    On Spotify I guess it will move around 500k streams for the first day.

    and with the #12 on iTunes I don’t think that it will be enough to chart on Billboard because it will only have two days to generate points, it will chart next week and the video will help.

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