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  1. Madonna got a nom for ‘Dark Ballet’ video in the UK music video awards, and she’s going versus:

    Best Pop video - International:
    Billie Eilish - When The Party's Over
    Madonna - Dark Ballet 
    Rosalía - Aute Cuture
    Rosalía - De Aquí No Sales
    Sigrid - Sucker Punch
    Tove Lo - Glad He’s Gone

    the ceremony is on October 23th.


  2. Well the album has a better score on MC than MDNA and RH, and the fact that they at least invested in the ad is great.

    Hopefully she will ride the momentum of the tour and keep the good reviews coming.

    I think that Crave, Medellin, Madame X (Pop Album) and maybe music video for DB might have a chance.

    Also engineering album for Mirwais or Mike Dean.

    I wish that those submissions leak soon, noms will be out by Nov 20th.

  3. 15 minutes ago, Homogenic79 said:

    Just curious, did any of the queens who were supposed to be in the video ever comment? I recall at least one left or was fired from a tour after choosing the video shoot over a scheduled show. Have any even said anything about the video? Seems like none are in it for more than a second. 

    A lot of them were making a fool of the one that participated because it was like a 0.5sec cameo, I honestly don’t even know what they did asked for they if they are not featured in any major scene or even backdrop, it only added drama and also bad vibes because Madonna didn’t pay them but Taylor and Iggy who used drags a few months ago did pay them...

  4. I checked Taylor’s new Metacritic score (81) since it’s boring for me and went to see Madame X score and was slightly surprised that it is 70, higher than AL, HC, MDNA and RH, so I’m happy that in the end some reviewers finally served justice and recognized the album for what it is.

  5. I still listen to the album, not daily basis but maybe 3-5 songs at the gym or just walking, It has nice moments, some songs are too short (IDSIF or Crave) and others are too long (GC), I love that it shows that she was/is passionate about the music/project but I felt like they overhyped too much from the start with the Medellin big reveal, Trailer, Eurovision, mtv day and then it was done 🤔 

    GC didn’t was the disco banger that I was ‘expecting’, it has a nice melody but the lyrics and intro aren’t it.

    And I think that the main problem is that this album is too political, dark, sarcastic, AL was political but also intimate and insightful of her, here she’s against the world like Batuka, Future, Killers, GC, I Rise,  I don’t think that the GP wants to be reminded of the world and wants to be chanting to get the old man in the jail.

    It’s a juxtaposition because I applaud her for doing what she wants but something inside of me would like to hear something more traditional/commercial/pop lover of her like she did in TB, HC or Music.

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