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  1. XXL I just spoke to some family members and friends who attended to Rio show about the Rio score, and they confirmed out doubts.They said there is NO WAY IN HELL the Rio show had only 34,000 people in attendance! They estimated that close to 60,000 people attnded the show! they were actually shocked by the reported numbers.

    Granted the stadium was not full (it holds about 90,000 people) and my brother heard from people who worked with the promoters that it was less than the reported numbers, but definitley not the low numbers reported by Billboard. Of coure they could all be wrong, but it's always best to get the feel from people who were actually there.

    OK now i'm really curious....what the hell!

  2. I still don't understand people that say the SA leg under performed.

    JLO, Britney and especially Gaga (who was expected to draw big crowd) flopped.

    Shakira who's supposed to be huge didn't sell out any of her shows

    Springsteen couldn't even sell out a 12,000 people in Mexico city.

    Even rock bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers didn't sell out their Sao Paulo and Columbia shows. Coldplay only played festivals in SA. I could go on and on...

    Madonna had less people this year because there was less anticipation than in 2008 but still did amazingly well.

  3. Yeah what the fuck was up with Daily Fail.

    They had a glowing review of the show, and within a few HOURS they changed the headlines to 'hundred walked out of the show'!

    BIG WTF!!!!!!

    Same happened in Edinburgh. One or two websites quoted tweets from 'fans' claiming hundreds walked out.

    I am sorry I was just shocked because I thought M would be really welcomed in UK. I know it was just some tabloids that created the bad buzz but still.

    LOL at Gaga. She was really ignored in the UK and even the monsters seemed bored at Twickenham. I think she cut the second show short. The mainstream media did not trash her but I read some REALLY bad reviews of the show.

    I was surprised she filled Aviva Stadium in Dublin, but I doubt it will happen again. Some reviewers there really saw the show for the garbage it is.

  4. I don't get the Brits at all!

    The press and 'fans' trashed Madonna's Hyde Park concerts, as they did in Dublin and Scotland.

    Remember the stupid headlines of hundreds of fans walking out?

    Gaga on the other hand had two stadium shows that SUCKED according to people that attended the show, and her second show looked half empty, yet I didn't read anything about it in the UK press.

    Same goes to her Dublin show.

  5. I'm sorry but this tour is a work of art. Not only because of the performances, the amazing stage and such, but the gread detail that was put into everything.

    It's so intricate and elaborated.

    For example the underrated performance of Hung Up. It's amazing and only a true artist would be brave enough to take a seemingly light song to a dark place and give it new meaning.

    Fausto Puglisi created all the dancers head rams and vests for the performance. It's all inspired by the Roman Empire. I just can't!


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