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  1. Where is all the controversy though? The European leg was so stormy and drama filled, and the US leg seems to be controversy free, quite the opposite of what people predicted... even the the whole guns and blood presentation seems to be accepted! US and Canada loves M now, while the UK some of Europe loves to hate her.

  2. It may sound stupid or shallow to some, but seeing Madonna so close made me want to take care of my body...sounds weird but only when I saw her in the flesh, how fit and strong she, and it made me feel ashamed and self concious about all my lazy days. NO MORE ! I made the decision to work out everyday. Also I was amazed by her confidence and ease...how unphazed she was by all the criticism and negativity towards her. She gave us strength during her speech and it was more then words for me..so I decided to adopt her attitude and not give a fuck about what people say\do to me. Thank You Madonna.

  3. Never thought about it before...but Rocco is standing right behind her every night when she says fuck and motherfuckers A LOT, or talking about getting naked :)

    Not to mention her kids are backstage when she's showing her ass during LAV. LOL.

    Wonder if she's having a talk with him about what's going on ontage. He seemed pretty comfortable last night during her speech.

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