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  1. The show was amazing! I think I loved it even more than the first show I went to! With the exception of her wardrobe malfunction in LFL, she seemed to be in great mood! She was so funny and we got FROZEN! It sounded great! She sounded great! She was so funny and I fell in love with her more! I loved when she said "Speaking of STDs, this song is about love" when starting True Blue. Even tho I was way up behind the stage, I still loved it! God bless the Queen!

    Glad that you and all who attended had a wonderful time!!

    Frozen!! :inlove:

  2. ....

    When she said she was looking for a new husband or wife she talked about how there're a lot of perks that go along with marrying her. She went up to some one guy and asked him why she should marry him and he just kept screaming BECAUSE I LOVE YOU and she kept saying um, everyone loves me here, you have to do better than that :lmao: Then some guy, who's name was Marco, caught the bouquet and she started asking him questions but he CLEARLY didn't speak English. She asked him "Do you have a job? Why do you keep looking at the guy next to you? Is he your boyfriend? Do you not like girls? So you don't have a job? You don't have a job Marco? You're not doing very well here, Marco. No, seriously, why do you keep looking at the guy next to you? Oh Marco, when you get a little more creative please talk to my security and then we can talk about this. You're going to have to do better then that." I was dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying


  3. I want to see how she got the Frida jacket, wonder if she kept it?

    Here you go, TrueBlue. Great video. So eventful :biggrin: and the crowd is just fantastic. :inlove:

    Starts with the maracas bit. Frida jacket from fan starts from 3:18.

    As shared in fab review from Ulizos, she poked her eye with the hat, fans sang Cielito Lindo, chanted her name, she asked hat/sombrero on or off, and sang WTG (full song in this vid). ENJOY!

  4. lol!!

    The majority of the fans have been OK, but I guess you have to expect some obnoxiousness every once in a while. As long as it does not get too out of hand. The guy last night was pretty much crossing the line, in my opinion.

    True, he was too touchy but I think she handled it really well. She is such a professional in every way.

    Agree with you both.

    Is there a YouTube clip ?

    I haven't seen it yet.

    The only one that has surfaced so far but not shot from a good angle and distance.

    UB Oscar handsy bit from 4:46.

  5. Thanks so much for the videos, nemo64!!

    Just curious if there is one from the first Mexico City show, 1/6, of her singing Rebel Heart? I think the one I saw was that you could hear her singing, but the shot was focused on the artwork in the background. I've been trying to find one, but no such luck.

    You're welcome, Anastaza.

    I've only seen that RH vid that you mentioned for the first show, and it's not a good one. It's as you've described, and the uploader's singing along is not very good either. :D

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