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  1. Oooh tell us the people she went in on??? Which celebs she no like?!!!

    She makes it clear that Joan did not like Jay Leno or Ben Stiller at all. Those were the two biggies. A bit about Gwyneth Paltrow too. Melissa also sort of snubbed Kathy Griffin when talking about the younger female comics that Joan was always friends with - but you can't really blame her, after Kathy completely threw Fashion Police under the bus (Melissa being the executive producer).

    There's a bit about Ellen DeGeneres as well. She sort of says Joan thought positively of her, but in a shady way took a jab at her "nice girl" comedy style. If you watch little side-bits and clips of Joan over the years, I think it's pretty clear she wasn't a fan of Ellen and that's probably the best way for Melissa to say so without upsetting the wrong people, because for some reason completely lost to me...everyone seems to love Ellen.

  2. In Melissa River's new tribute to her mother, The Book of Joan, each chapter is essentially an essay about stories about mother, funny facts about her mother or fond memories with her mother. Being a big Joan Rivers fan I've already purchased it and read it all in one day, haha. But one chapter was about some of Joan's favorite celebrities to pick on, one of them being Madonna. She wrote a bit about Joan making fun of Madonna's "British accent", blah-blah, but then included this little bit at the end:

    "All joking aside, my mother really respected Madonna. She thought that she was smart and hardworking, and that she never backed down. She also appreciated that Madonna was constantly re-inventing herself - that's quite a compliment coming from a woman who had 365 plastic surgeries. "

    Normally I'm not so inclined to believe these basic/bland "compliments" people put into their books about other celebrities but Melissa really went in on some people in this book, no sugar-coating, apologies or listing of "nice" things about them at the end...so I think this was probably sincere considering she really didn't suck up to anyone mentioned in the book.

    Anyways, I just thought of everyone on this forum when I read it and thought you may all like to hear! :smile:

  3. I would love a slow piano version of this song. Not to get too Adele-y, but just listening to instrumental piano covers on YouTube you can hear the song is so beautiful that way. Of course, we'll get all dance mixes...but I'd love even a fan made remix with just piano. :inlove:

  4. From the first time I heard the finished version that would be put on the album I pined for the demo. The upbeat sound and triumphant production really embodied what this song is about and I was beyond disappointed that a very toned-down almost acoustic version was going to end up on the album. I listened to the official version so many times and could never get anything out of it, so I'd just been sticking with the demo...and I agree with those who have said it went from a stand-out single potential to filler track material.

    But with all that being said...tonight when it came on during my drive home I finally "got" it. It's sweet and simple and cheery but meaningful - it tells the story that needs to be told and closes the album on an uplifting note without being imperious or overbearing. I got a little lump in my throat when the final chorus kicked in. The demo will always be significant to me, but when all is said and done, I really do love the album version so much.

  5. What’s that song saying?

    It’s kind of a social commentary about the way everybody hooks up now and the lack of intimacy. When I made my “Sex” book I was being incredibly ironic, but I was also saying, “Look, it’s not only a man’s place to objectify a woman -- a woman can objectify herself too.” In the song “S.E.X.,” when I do the sort of rap in the middle and I do the list, I made myself sound like I have a lisp. Go back and listen to it. It’s meant to be ironic -- even though there’s some very handy items on that list.

    Hmm. I didn't realize she had framed the song this way. It's funny because it sort of reminded me of What A Way To Wanna Be from Shania Twain's Up! album..in the sense that what she's saying is a little trivial and silly but it's supposed to be that way because she's poking a little bit of fun in the song.

    This really isn't my favorite from the album...but I think it's a big improvement from the demo version, especially in making the decision to omit "there's nothing wrong with...NOTHING WRONG WITH...sex!!!!" So bad. :chuckle:

  6. I loved the demo and love the album version even more. I'm obsessed with the Babylon reference (really that entire part of the song), it's so beautiful. I'm sure this will bother people but I think the song is so much more bewitching when listened to in the context of a person accepting and embracing their impending death. OBVIOUSLY Madonna is not actually singing about killing herself, but I take pleasure in making up my own meanings/stories with songs.

    For me, the character singing this has come to terms with the fact that the end is near and has grown to a point of welcoming it with open arms. Sort of like in the book Tuesdays with Morrie, but far more epic haha. I like to picture this character as Madonna, the way she was made up in the Harper's Bazzar shoot last year (with the chain-link armor/knight outfit and sword), standing proudly atop in the hanging gardens of Babylon while the sun begins to set. :inlove:

    Oh god, I promise I'm not insane haha.

  7. I really really did not like this track when I first listened to the demo when it leaked. I only played it twice and found it so passable. It sounded like someone kind of like Ingrid Michaelson or Regina Spektor or someother VH1 you oughta know artist. And I was so shocked that so many people were loving this song. When the tracklist was revealed, I was shocked by it's inclusion. But when I finally heard the full album last night, something happened, I kinda fell for the song. The production was improved, but I love the song now. It's so clever, witty, and well written.

    This is actually why I always liked it! It sorta had this little "girly indie artist" vibe to it! Oh well, haha. LOVE your avatar by the way.

  8. I love this song so much. Every bad-ass female artist has got to have that dark/sexy/emotional "witchy" track and I was beginning to think Frozen would be closest thing we'd ever get from Madonna. Low and behold, Messiah certainly fills the void for me. Love love love.

  9. 1. Living For Love - 9

    2. Devil Pray - 8

    3. Ghosttown - 8

    4. Unapologetic Bitch - 5

    5. Illuminati - 4

    6. Bitch I'm Madonna - 7

    7. Hold Tight - 9

    8. Joan of Arc - 10

    9. Iconic - 7

    10. HeartBreakCity - 3

    11. Body Shop - 9

    12. Holy Water - 8

    13. Inside Out - 6

    14. Wash All Over Me - 10

    15. Best Night - 6

    16. Veni Vidi Vici - 7

    17. S.E.X. - 7

    18. Messiah - 9

    19. Rebel Heart - 5

    20. Beautiful Scars - 6

    21. Borrowed Time - 4

    22. Graffiti Heart - 8

    23. Addicted - 8

    24. Queen - 6

    25. Auto-tune Baby - 7

  10. This has been one of my favorites since I first heard the leak. I love it! :inlove:

    I do think she should have kept the "Like A Virgin" style breathing/exhaling from the demo but I still love it either way.

    One of my favorite things about the song is how the chorus says "I hear you work at a body shop" as opposed to something like "take me to your body shop" or "I'm coming to your body shop". The sly and inquiring manner in which she conveys the statement/question is what really makes the song for me. I do not think it would be as cute or as sexy had she worded that line in any other way.

  11. The dark concept is indeed interesting. I was recently trying to figure out what nick name Madonna would have for this era. I'm talking about the likes of Dita, Veronica Ellectronica, Esther, M-dolla... And I realized. She has the letter N backwards in her name a lot this era, which in Greek or Russian is a letter E (ee). So therefore, with the N backwards, her name is pronounced as Madonia, which basically means dark Madonna. You could also say Rebel Madonna.

    That's awesome! Love this sort of stuff!

  12. Having had been able to listen to the album for a little while now, am I the only one who's really picked up on how almost every single song has lyrics containing the words "dark" or "darkness"? 14 of the songs use the word "dark" and 6 other songs allude to the concept of darkness, leaving only 5 tracks who do not mention it whatsoever (but some of those four are certainly "dark sounding" songs or contain dark themes).

    Maybe it's just me - and it's fair to say that this is just an all around theme for Madonna in her music in general, it's just really never jumped out like this to me in any of her albums before. I made a list below:

    Songs using the word "dark":

    1. Living For Love

    “Now I'm down on my knees, alone in the dark

    2. Devil Pray

    “I've been stranded here in the dark, take these walls away”

    3. Ghosttown

    “You're all that I can trust, facing the darkest days”

    4. Illuminati

    “It’s time to dance and turn this dark into somethin’”

    5. Hold Tight

    “A million miles later, we walk through the valley of the darkest night”

    6. Joan of Arc

    “I'm not Joan of Arc - not yet - but I'm in the dark, yeah”

    7. Iconic

    “I can, Icon, two letters apart, one step, away, of being lost in the dark

    8. Body Shop

    “I would ride through the dark of the night with you”

    9. Inside Out

    “Every scar that you try to hide, all the dark corners of your mind”

    10. Veni Vidi Vici

    “I had a fire burning in my heart, I never gave up fighting in the dark

    11. Messiah

    “I'll light a candle here in the dark, making my way to your heart”

    12. Rebel Heart

    “Through the darkness somehow I survived”

    13. Beautiful Scars
    "Changing me's like shooting in the dark"

    14. Addicted
    "See I don't know what it is, but I'm attracted to the dark"

    Songs alluding to the concept of darkness:

    1. Bitch I’m Madonna

    “I just wanna have fun tonight, pull me out of the flashing light, let me blow up this house tonight

    2. Wash All Over Me

    “Gonna watch the sun going down, I'm not gonna run from all this sadness”

    3. Best Night

    “You can call me M tonight, you can be my man tonight

    “The city is our playground tonight, we're gon’ be like gangsters tonight

    “I'll make this the best night of your life”

    4. Queen
    "Black parade, motorcade"

    5. Borrowed Time
    "If we open up our eyes, realize that we are blind"

    6. Autotune Baby

    “In the middle of the night you can hear me crying loud”

    (some of these may be stretching, but I think these words place an image of darkness in your mind regardless)


    1. Unapologetic Bitch

    2. HeartBreakCity

    3. Holy Water

    4. S.E.X.
    5. Graffiti Heart

    What do you think?

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