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  1. I woke up at 3 am last night, put my headphones on, listened to Medellin and went back to sleep with a smile 😊 Wokw up at 8, headphones back on and Medellin on repeat ever since. I haven’t been this obsessed with a Madonna single since Hung Up. Love it 😍 

  2. One of Berlins largest newspaper website has a review on their front page. I’ll just post the link, not the text since it’s in German. But it’s positive. “Summer sound that invites you to dance. Smart move on Madonnas side as the young Maluma fans will get to know her now.”

    the fact that a new song makes it onto their front page of the website just shows that she is more than relevant. I think she has a hit on her hands. 



  3. Just now, SheldonCooper said:

    Can anyone translate the Maluma lyrics? Thanks. 

    Their voices blend really nice btw. Great chemistry. 

    From another member:

    Yo también...
    (me too)

    (tell me)

    Me encanta...
    (Love it) 

    Te gusta...
    (You like it?)

    Tell me!)

    Tranquila, rubia, yo te apoyo
    No hay que hablar mucho para entrar en rollo 
    Si quieres ser mi reina, pues yo te corono
    Y pa que te sientes, aquí tengo un trono

    (Chill, blondie, I'm with you
    It's not necessary to talk much to be in the mood
    If you want to be my queen, well, here's your crown
    and if you want to sit down, I have this throne)

    Ponte a cabalgar, eso está claro
    Si sientes que voy rápido, le bajo
    Discúlpame, yo sé que eres Madonna,
    pero yo te voy a demostrar... cómo este perro te enamora

    (Start riding, that's clear
    and if I'm goint too fast, I slow down
    Sorry, I know you're Madonna,
    but I will show you how this dog makes you fall in love)

    Ven conmigo, let's take a chance
    Si te llevo pa un lugar lejano
    Ven conmigo, I'll be so good for you
    Y te enamoro, te enamoro

    (Come with me, let's take a chance
    If I take you to a far away place
    Come with me, I'll be so good for you
    I will make you fall in love, fall in love)

    Ven conmigo, let's take a chance
    Dame de eso que te estás tomando
    Ven conmigo, I'll be so good for you
    Ay, ay, ay

    (Con with me, let's take a chance
    Give me what you're having
    Come with me, I'll be so good for you
    Ay, ay, ay

    ... show me

    Dice, oye mamacita qué te pasa,
    mira que ya estamos en mi casa
    Si sientes que hay un viaje allí en tu mente,
    será por el exceso de aguardiente

    (Tell me, mammi, what happens?
    look, we're in my home now
    If you're travelling in your mind
    it will be because you drank too much)

    Pero mami, tranquila, tú solo vacila,
    que estamos en Colombia y aquí hay rumba en cada esquina
    y si tu quieres nos vamos por detroit
    si sé de dónde vienes, pues sé pa dónde voy

    (But mami, quiet,  you just chill out
    We're in Colombia and there's rumba in every corner
    And if you want to, we go to Detroit.
    If I know where you come from, I know where I shoud go)


    Si te enamoro... (si me enamoras)
    En menos de un año, no no, nos vamos, nos vamos, nos vamos pa Medallo
    Ay, qué rico

    Si te enamoro... (si me enamoras)
    Allí nos  quedamos, con mami, con papi, nos casamos

    One two, cha, cha, cha

    slow down, papi

    (If I make you fall in love with me - If you make me fall in love with you
    In less than one year we go to Medallo
    So sweet

    If I make you falle in love with me -If you make me fall in love with you
    We stay here and we get married. 

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