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  1. 90’s house brought to the future. This is what LFL should have been and never was. Mirwais production is sublime and Madonnas dreamy vocals are to die for. And she speaks with her incredibly sexy tone. This could  have been lifted directly from Erotica, except that the production is less gritty. It could be a bit longer, but other than that it’s perfection. 

  2. The fact that a the age of 60, with her 14th album, 36 years into her career, she is giving us her what is shaping up to be her most diverse, bold and unique album is just mind blowing. Pop, Reggae, Disco, Trap, House, Latin, R&B, Ballads, Nutcracker sample and god know what else. Vocal styles that are completely new for her, song structures that go off the beaten path, production from minimalist to completely overboard. Nobody even comes close! Friday should be a worldwide holiday to celebrate her brilliance!

  3. Remember that RS review of LAP, where it said “this is as close to art as pop music gets”? I think she’s gotten even closer with this track, especially combined with the amazing video. Using the story and fate of Joan of Arc to describe the fucked up state of today’s world, the discrimination, hatred, bigotry and closed mindedness is just brilliant.  Releasing something so bold, weird, dark and unusual is a big fuck you to the world of those that claim she’s not relevant or creative be anymore. Who else but Madonna would dare this, so far into her career? Nobody. The haters need to take several seats and re-evaluate their contempt for her. She’s the Queen. Period. 

  4. Why is it so hard for people to stop with those fucking generalizations? Germany this, Germany that. A few moronic journalists spewe their verbal diarrhea. No more, no less. Germany’s poor taste? Really? 

    Nobody says the UK hates Madonna when idiot Pierce Morgan goes in his usual Madonna rants, or the US hates M when one of those hags on The View puts her down. So calm your tits and direct your anger at those that earned it. 

  5. 45 minutes ago, elijah said:


    Horrible German review. saying she is no longer relevant. Hope a German member would translate it... Or not.

    I don’t have the time to translate it all. And after reading this crap, I don’t really want to. 

    basically, they are saying that Madonna isn’t relevant anymore in today’s pop world. 

    They say that Dark Ballet is weird and wants too much. Unintentionally strange, all over the place and not modern at all.

    God Control is nice and dancy  House, Hip Hop, Strings.

    Furure- Reggae, too much autotune, old fashioned  

    Batuka - sounds nice and exotic

    Killers who are partying - they just complain about the lyrics

    i don’t search, I find - a crisp house track but basically a copy of Vogue


    They say that the album isn’t a disaster but that she doesn’t sound modern anymore , a document of aimlessness.





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