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  1. The reviews in Germany were very good, some even ecstatic. The few nasty reviews, mainly in the UK and France, paint a completely wrong picture. We all know that people thrive on negativity so those reviews got more attention, especially what happened at the Olympia show. The show was generally very well received in Europe though.

  2. Paris was filmed and according to Guy O., more locations will be filmed. They won't miss out on a chance to make more money so I'm sure they will release the show on DVD/Blu-ray.

    I don't know about the reviews in your country, but here in Germany they were very good. Some of them actually shockingly good. The best she got in the German press in years.

  3. My first post here, so HELLO :-)

    I was in the golden triangle in Cologne. Just like the two Berlin shows, it was simply amazing. We got to see her rehearse in Cologne, which was fantastic. She made sure that we knew how to clap along during TUTR. Here's a (shaky) video of it that I made:

    I only recorded a few videos in Cologne, but plenty in Berlin.

    The show is mindblowing in an arena. Madonna was in a great mood, especially during the "Sagarra Jo" audience participation part.

    This tour is absolutely among the best she has ever done. I'm trying to figure out a way to see it again but even if I can't, those three shows were the best Madonna experiences I've ever had.

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