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  1. If usually don't participate in any "face-enhancement" discussions but since I saw her up close on Thursday, I'll break my own rule. She looked great, wrinkles and slight puffiness included. She did look tired but that's not surprising. She just looked like a 55 year old woman that takes very good care of herself without hiding that she is just a human after all. Flawless is for photoshop, not real life. Her energy and her great mood on the red carpet made her flawless, regardless of anything she may, or may not, have done with her face. When she looks you right in the eye, it's magical. That's one thing that wont't change.

    My video:

  2. There's really not that much to tell. It all goes by so fast.

    3 hours of waiting, pouring rain most of the time. They had a DJ playing plenty of Madonna songs and other nice remixes. Nicole arrived on the red carpet with Liz Rosenberg first. She was nice as always, taking pictures with the fans and posing for the press. Madonna arrived around 8 pm and it was quite a frenzy. The red carpet was quite long and luckily she spent most of the time in my area :-) I was really lucky. She looked amazing and not as overly "pulled back" as some fotos make her look. She was in a really good mood and signed quite a few autographs. It was impossible to hear anything she was saying but the atmosphere was just great. I took a few more videos and will upload them to YouTube. But nothing this close. I've seen her close a few times but I still get shacky when she's this close. There's just something about her that makes me feel like a giggling teenager. With grey hair.

  3. I received a Blu-ray from Universal today. Both video and audio are fine on this one. Of course the intentional graining caused by the filters are there, but the massive video and audio problems I had with the other Blu-ray are not evident on this one. So it's really just a certain batch of discs that are affected. I hope they fix all this quickly.

  4. Just recieved an email from Universal Berlin. They confirmed that the first batch of blu-rays produced was fucked up and they were sent to various countries. The production company is now tracing those shipments and an official statement from Universal USA is expected soon.

    So it's possible that that there are countries with faulty and good discs at the same time.

  5. Will they recall it or not???? Please answer me!!!

    It was only released two days ago and it's Sunday. Give the label some time ;-) Besides, it might just concern some discs or only some European markets. Who knows. Amazon Germany has not recalled yet. They just stopped selling it until they have more information from the label.

  6. ]http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/8891054/Madonna.The.MDNA.Tour.2013.1080p.MBluRay.x264-LOUNGE_[PublicHD] Does the grain look worse than on these screen caps?

    Worse would be an understatement! Again, it has nothing to do with intentional graining used for artistic/style reasons. It's about a massive production fuck up! If your copy is fine then I'm happy for you. I know how the blu-ray is supposed to look because I have the file that you posted. Believe me, the quality of the Blu-ray that I have is nowhere near it! No diva attitude needed to see it.

  7. Please, stop using terms like "hysteria" if you haven't seen the issues a lot of people obviously have with the blu-ray. We're not talking about some minor graining effects. We are talking about a show that looks like it was filmed during a snowstorm! Neither the Epix TV broadcast nor the japanese broadcast had these issues. I have a high-end HiFi system and a few hundred Blu-ray Discs and DVD's. Not one of them looks as shitty as the MDNA blu-ray. It has nothing to do with cables or player settings. It's quite obviously a production problem, maybe only concerning a certain charge. But believe me, it's unwatchable! Nothing strong or wonderful about it. Not the video quality nor the sound mix.

  8. It's 17 posts and you don't have to wonder. The negative reviews on amazon.de are piling up and they stopped selling it themselves for now. I'm watching the blu-ray right now. IDGA is a joke. It looks like it's snowing throughout the song. It's grainy as hell, contures are completely washed out and nothing is ever fully sharp. The 5.1 mix is terrible in most parts. The center channel is way to low, the music generally too low and the audience often too loud. When you switch to DD 2.0 it doesn't get better, actually worse. Now you don't hear the audience and it sounds like a studio recording. None of this was this bad on the Epix version.

  9. I changed the settings on my TV and Blu-ray player from "Lively" and "Film" to "Normal". That helps somewhat but I still think the graining is terrible. Universal Berlin sent me an email. They sent the Amazon reviews to the production company in Los Angeles and are waiting for their reply. I wouldn't be surprised if it's all just going to be called "intentional" and that's that.

  10. I just saw the reviews on amazon.de. Absolutely shocking. Reviewers are saying the epix torrent (never mind the fab japanese one) looks and sounds better than the Blu.

    They are better. No idea what happened but this is almost unwatchable. The release was postponed in Holland and Belgium, allegedly because of an error on the master. Maybe that's the reason and we simply got the erroneous version here. I'm going to contact Universal here in Berlin to find out more but this blu-ray is going back to amazon for sure.

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