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  1. The way he describes this album, the Intension behind it, the difference compared to other “pop artists” current albums, is exactly what I feel when listening to Madame X. While it’s a Madonna album, it’s also a completely new chapter in her artistic approach to music and her conceptual idea of an album as a body of work, not just a collection of songs. That’s why there aren’t any real singles this time, aside from Medellin. The entire roll out was to present the album and her artistic vision. Not to create a hit. She’s exactly where she should be at this point in her career. A true artist and visionary. And with Mirwais she chose one of the best collaborators to work with. 

  2. Great suggestions. I went for this one for now. Will give it a listen and see if it all works well together. 


    Medellin/La Isla Bonita

    Dark Ballet/Paradise (Not for me)

    God Control/Lika a Prayer

    Future/Your Honesty


    Killers who are partying/Intervention



    Come Alive/Body Shop

    Extreme Occident/Easy Ride

    Faz Gostoso/Bitch I’m Madonna

    Bitch I’m Loca/Unapologetic Bitch

    I don’t search I find/Vogue

    Looking for Mercy/Drowned World SFL

    I Rise/Living for Love


    Back that up to the beat/Beat goes on

    Ciao Bella/Music

  3. I’m making a playlist, pairing each Madame X track with one of her past songs that matches either sonically or thematically. 

    While some are obvious choices, others are a bit more challenging, since nice Madame X is so different in large parts. 

    Suggestions are welcome. 


    Medellin/La Isla Bonita

    Dark Ballet/Paradise (Not for me)

    God Control/Future Lovers

    Future/Unapologetic Bitch


    Killers who are partying/?



    Come Alive/Body Shop

    Extreme Occident/Isaac

    Faz Gostoso/Bitch I’m Madonna

    Bitch I’m Loca/?

    I don’t search Infind/Vogue

    Looking for Mercy/Drowned World SFL?

    I Rise/Like a prayer?


    Back that up to the beat/Beat goes on?

    Ciao Bella/Goodbye to innocence?

  4. Siegessäule, Berlin’s leading lgbtq magazine, reviewed Madame X. It’s not a major publication of course, but quite popular in Berlin. I was a bit worried, because they were very negativ about the last albums and have basically been rather hostile in the past. So to my surprise, they gave the album a stellar review. Calling it a Masterpiece and a true return to form. The Madonna magic is back. They actually reviewed each track  

    They basically split her career into three parts. Albums where she brilliantly combined risk and pop mainstream (LAP, ROL, Music, COADF), albums with which she went to far for the mainstream but were loved by the fans (Erotica, American Life), and albums that seemed defensive, trend chasing, trying to make up for lost grounds (BS, HC, MDNA, RH). Madame X won’t move the masses, but like Erotica and American Life, it’s an album that will ensure the love of her fans. 



  5. I’m just beyond amazed. This video is such a daring, bold and heart-wrenching statement, perfectly executed. In her fourth decade in this business she not only delivers one of her strongest albums but also 4 videos so far that rank among her best. The drive, determination and creativity of this woman is just unbelievable and truly makes her a cultural icon. She’s making headlines around the world and finally for all the right reasons. This era is truly one of the most remarkable ones of her entire career. 

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