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  1. there is rumors the DVD is gonna be filmed in Kentucky a tidal exclusive japan gets it in 2018 and the rest of the world in 2019. 4 years? wtf

    I don't get the delay by that point she would be on tour again and probably finished. Sounds false to me

  2. THIS IS WHY I LOVE & RESPECT THIS WOMAN!!! She's never been afraid to speak from the heart and speaks out,putting her ass on the line instead of giving inane platitudes on Twitter. Her speech was heartfelt and moving,makes me proud to be a fan.

    I'm not the first and won't be the last but I completely agree

  3. I've got hotel rooms booked within walking distance of the venues in London & Birmingham for my shows and I've taken the next day after both shows off as annual leave as didn't want to risk it but obviously this means more £££ and I'm using my annual leave as well. #she'sworthitthough

    She's completely worth it, I'm staying in hotel and taking following day off work, but I absolutely detest lateness, so I will get royalty pussed off and then completely get over once it starts

  4. MTribe said MJ began at 10:21 PM. Latest start of the tour so far.

    I really hope she's on time in the UK, 10.21 is a ridiculous time to start, Glasgow would not be happy with that kind of late shit. Public transport pretty much dies after 11pm

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