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  1. After a year of Rebel Heart can we all agree that we got her back

    After the leaks I was worried, but then she released the first 6 tracks and I got my absolute life. Then she gave us the full album, an album that is in my top 5, it's a journey of Madonna over all her years. It's just

    Perfection after Hard Candy and MDNA, which were good but let's face it, it was very much, will this do. However Rebel Heart was, here is 19 tracks and let's face it, they are all amazing

    But even after the album came out, she still gave us promo, and then not one video but then two more amazing videos. Why does this queen do this to us

    And I don't even want to start on Rebel Heart Tour one of her absolute best tours

    Madonna has been amazing this year, and long may it continue

    It still upsets me that Ghosttown wasn't a 8 week number one,criminal

  2. It is one of the best performances - This is how ballads should be performed! I love it when there are theatrical elements to a ballad rather than just standing in one place - I mean, yeah, that's fine, but there's nothing like a theatrical performance to really bring out the lyrics. The fact that "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" was acknoweledged on this tour just put's it over the edge as one of the best! I also like how the staircase is at the end of the stage and how it comes down from the ceiling - perfection! More technical than just having the steps on the main stage. Oh, and how Madonna walks down the stairs to the beat of LDLHA - step by step!

    Prett much sums it up 👏🏻👏🏻

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