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  1. 1 minute ago, robster said:

    Okay, beware of spoilers, detailed review of God Control:

    The track opens with a continuation of the ending of Dark Ballet, you hear M huffing and puffing and breathing, then a solemn piano with M's vocals. Talking about the state of the nation and how we need to wake up "When they talk reforms, it makes me laugh. They pretend to help, it makes me laugh." She finishes with "They say that we need love, but we need more then this", piano drops away for a bit, then the choir comes in full blast, repeating the line "We lost God Control". Then the track stops, and these disco tinged violins come in, you hear a few gun shots and bullet shells falling to the floor, a stewardess like vocal comes in saying "This is your wake-up call. I'm like your nightmare. I'm here to start your day!" Full on Disco instrumentation kicks in as M starts to sing "This is your wake-up call". Very catchy melody, with violins warbling, clapping, a fun beat, then comes the wordy rappinghood inspired rap section followed by a whispering M "everybody knows the damn truth, wake up" which goes into frantically warbling violins with a repeated and heavily vocodered Wake Up. Then later the violins drop out as the disco beat continues and she sings a new melody line "It's a weird kind of energy", then back into the vocodered wake-up, back to the wordy rappinghood rap. Then the track starts to build to a crescendo with the violins rising and falling, vocodered warbling "wake up, wake up, wake up" again. Instrumental bit with Mirwais' best take on disco. Then the track drops in energy as she screams in a processed voice "A NEW DEMOCRACY", as the music is low in energy she starts whispering the opening monologue again as the music starts to swell, this time with the Choir in the background, heavy chords slammed on the piano as the track grows and grows, untill only the choir remains repeating "We lost god control" untill they drop out as well and M repeats in a whispered voice "wake up wake up wake up" until it fades out!


  2. Just now, karbatal said:

    Didn't The Guardian already review the album? I'm lost.

    The new review from The Guardian is actually from The Observer, which is the sister Sunday paper. So although they are from the same company they are  different papers with totally different editorial staff 

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