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    Ah, Top 10 singles. Remember those, Spice Girls? The physical release of their comeback single 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)' finally helps the track towards something approaching respectability, but barely. Even with the exposure of being the official Children In Need single has hardly counted in favour of the lacklustre track and it limply rises twelve places to what will surely end up being its peak of Number 11. "Ah," will say their defenders, "but the real purpose of the exercise is the Greatest Hits album and just look at all the concert tickets they have sold". Be that as it may, 'Greatest Hits' tumbles to Number 7 on the album chart, outsold by the superannuated Eagles and Led Zeppelin. The Spices greatest legacy was as a singles act and with this one badly realised release they have stained forever one of the best chart records of any pop act ever.

    I agree, the whole spice girls comebacj just reeks of a money making excercise. A rather poor comeback single realeased on download way before physial release. Also a cobbled together GH, ladies poor show

  2. OMG Spice Girls are #11! :lol: And GIRLS ALOUD are #9 in singles! :D

    The Top 10 is being revealed now on radio...

    Top 5 albums:

    1 (1) Leona Lewis - Spirit

    2 (3) Westlife - Back Home

    3 (new) Katharine Jenkins - Rejoice

    4 (new) Girls Aloud - Tangled up

    5 (4) Led Zeppelin - Mothership

    :clap: About Girls Aloud going top ten on digital sales alone and getting four on the albums

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