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  1. Is it just me but is the melody of the bridge in the full version, identical to the snippets of the Human Nature alternative version leak a few years back

    Has it ever been confirmed that it was actually from Human Nature, it always sounded like it was spliced over it

  2. Also the soundcheck was Amazing. She did soooo much of the show Girl Gone Wild (the blocks didn't work at the start) Revolver, Gang Bang, the lift during Hung Up.

    She also did I Dont Give A, in full, in fact during the first verse she forgot the words. She did the last part of Vogue at the front of the stage leading into Candy Shop. Did Express Yourself, Turn Up the Radio, I'm Addicted and Celebration in full from what I remember.

    The funniest part is when she wanted to know how to count to 4 in Scottish, eventually she was counting to 10 in a rather ropey Scottish accent. During the actual show her 1-4 in express yourself was again in the same ropeyscottish accent

  3. I am still a little upset about the cutting of Like A Virgin and I'm Addicted,luckily got to see her soundcheck I'm Addicted but I was sooooo looking forward LAVas was at the very tip of the stage. Oh well at least I saw it Hyde Park.

    I get the feeling that the cut was only decided during JML interlude as her mood seemed to be different after that. If only she had bothered to appear earlier. Oh well still a brilliant show

    From what I heard walking amongst crowd afterwards and read on twitter the sound further back and up in the higher parts of the stadium was shocking, also a lot of casual fans, by that I mean the ones that have Immaculate Collection and nothing else were very disappointed. Silly Bitches

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