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  1. This is something I can feel comfortable sharing on this forum, but I am a little bit nervous about my emotional state when I hear the album for the first time. Not only is she my favorite singer of all time, but the whole history of growing up with her, having her soundtrack my life, save my life etc. Same situation as with many of you. And it sounds from what I'm reading like a lot of the songs are kind of looking back at what she's accomplished, so I think those are going to get to me. And then on a personal note, loving her ballads ever since Live To Tell, and it sounds like HC, WAOM, and Messiah are some of her best. But it's actually Veni Vidi Vici that sounds like it might do me in.

    I'm kind of glad she ended up releasing this in installments, because I was crying when I heard Ghosttown for the first time, and ditto Joan of Arc. Hell, I even cried at the bridge of Hold Tight.

    Not to be a drama queen, but I think my first listen is going to be almost brutally emotional. It always is with a new M album, but maybe even more so this time.

    Superb post, it's sums up how I feel about Madonna and this album. It's exactly what I wanted from her, a diverse sonic journey that is imperfect but as a whole, fucking superb. I have listened to this album for the last month solid, yet still I hear new things and love songs more it's just too much.

    Sorry for being a Stan but so far into her career and after the last two ok, but underwhelming albums, this one is just what I want, needed and don't desrve

  2. Chances verse is perfect and when I saw the insta pic of him and Madonna in the studio I nearly died. He's really talented and I'm glad he's on the record rather than a more famous rapper. Probably why Ms fascination with nicki Minaj annoys me. There are plenty of more talented female rappers out there but hey. Nice to know Jay Z helped Chance to get this cos he could've easily done it himself and got the accolades.

    I agree his verse is perfection, when the music kicks in half way through the verse it's utterly epic

  3. Yes. The first official reviews for MDNA appeared a full three weeks ahead of its release. I wrote to Attitude Magazine on Facebook and they just responded that their review is coming "soon."

    I have a feeling Attitude is out on Friday, for digital subsciptions. Surely it would be in that

    Also I just checked qucikly on google and the first initial reviews, from pretty much all sources, came out around 8th March , the album came out 26th March. So surely first reviews are imminent

  4. I think the Opus and Fall tracklisting is false, these tracks have never been mentioned, also I think the run time would be over the limit of CDs

    Also, why havent we had an official announcement on the actual versions that are due to be availiable, its officially two weeks on friday, also isnt it about time we started to get the official reviews

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